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Aug 3, 2007 12:58 PM

souvenir fr Vancouver?

I have a friend there now, specifically staying right by Granville. I've been before and did like the spicy salmon jerky, what else should he bring back? Thanks from Toronto!

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  1. Little T

    I usually end up buying smoked salmon myself or some variant of the same. The spicy jerky you mentioned or the more sugary Indian candy or just plain smoked. Granville Island abounds with them packaged and ready to go.

    Failing that it probably would be salt water taffy or the like from one of the candy counters.

    A 375 ml of ice wine perhaps but you can get that from the Niagara rather than the Okanagan.

    I am otherwise drawing a blank on "foodie" souvenirs that will travel easily

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      Bob Mac has a great idea with Okanagan wine, although I have always associated ice wine with Ontario. It's mostly sold as a touristy novelty for foreign tourists anyway. If you're already from Toronto, don't bother with ice wine. But if you can find regular Okanagan wines on Granville Island, that's one thing you certainly cannot find in Ontario.

    2. Just visited the Public Market on Granville Island and saw a wonderful variety of dried wild BC mushrooms. They're not cheap, small bags are about $15, but when you pay over $50/kilo fresh in Toronto's St. Lawrence Market, sounds like a deal to me.

      I'd like to take some fresh salmon home but haven't figured out how to do that yet. I saw a styrofoam box of it from Coast West or something like that on the luggage carousel at Pearson so it must be possible.

      1. My suggestion is to purchase Raincoast Crisps by Lesley Stowe Foods. Available @ a variety of specialty food stores and some supermarkets. There's 5 flavours: Original; Rosemary Raisin;Cranberry Hazelnut; Fig & Olive; and Spicy Sundried Tomato. The Cranberry Hazelnut in a red box is my favourite.
        You may want to check out their webpage

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        1. re: zipper


          The Raincoast Crisps are pretty widely least in Western as we can purchase them here in Edmonton.

          Mind you I guess you could say the same thing about smoked salmon, maple sugar candy and/or syrup which I might associate as "foodie" souvenirs from BC in the first case and Quebec for the other two.

          They are darn good albeit expensive. I was convinced and converted to using them after a terrific cheese plate and snacks in the bar at the Pan Pacific during our last visit to Vancouver in February.

          I just reread your post and it reminded me that Cranberry Hazelnut ones were our preference.

          1. re: zipper

            raincoast crisps taste even better with a slice of applewood smoked cheddar on favorite!!

            1. re: pants

              manchego and a dab of Elsa's Story fig confiture... heaven!!! Raincoast crisps are the best thing to come out of Vancouver since the BC roll.

          2. Belated thanks to all, my friend is going back next month so i'll have him stock up on more goodies.

            1. So he got me the Raincoast Crisps at about $7/package from Capers in Kitsilano. I like the cranberry hazelnut as well, no need for cheese i can eat them on their own. I checked the websites ( and oddly enough they're available right here in t.o. who knew, well now i can get them whenever i want thanks again.