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Aug 3, 2007 12:31 PM

New KC Brazillian Steakhouse

Last night, my father, boyfriend and I tried Amor Fiery Steakhouse de Brazil (located in the old Copeland's space on 119th and Metcalf). My father and I had been to Churrascaria Plataforma in NYC before, so we knew what to expect as far as the food...but the prices here were higher here than New York and for much less variety. We were a bit shocked at the $43.99 per person pricing!

Once seated, you're given the instructions to head to the the "Salad Bar Extravaganza," which contained 40 or so items, many of which were very tasty...ahi tuna, gravlax of salmon, hearts of palm, wheels of cheese, different pasta and bean salads, etc. The lobster bisque was far too sherry-heavy...not even edible, which was disappointing.

You're then brought family-style side dishes, polenta triangles, garlic mashers and fried bananas. Once you flip your coaster-sized serving card to green, the cutters begin to bring on the meat. They claim 14 varieties...I believe we saw 9 last night. The picania was by far my favorite, although the filet mingnon and parmesean pork tenderloin were delicioius too.

In NYC, we were offered desserts from a traveling cart - at AFSB a pineapple was brought around by one of the meat servers and sliced tableside, which was tasty. Desserts were also available a la carte. We asked for more bananas and had those with our pineapple :) A traveling drink girl served two types of cocktails tableside as well.

The wine list has about 240 offerings, priced somewhat reasonably. With three dinners and a 1/2 bottle of wine, we got out for $185 before tip.

Since we had a little sticker shock, I thought I'd put the details out here for any other hounds thinking of trying AFSB in the future :) Interested to hear others' thoughts.


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  1. Wow! I've been wondering about it, but that price is a little scary for me! Was it worth it?

    1. Hi!
      We ate there about 2 weeks ago. I had a gift card for $40 so we went with our neighbors. Totally agree with you on your synopsis. I really liked the sides, but of course since it's all you can eat they just want to fill you up before the meat comes. I loved the polenta triangles - very tasty.

      We started with the drinks from the cart (which if I remember were around $9 each but I had 3 and couldn't remember much after that). The waitress asked if we wanted sparkling water or still water. Thinking it was included in the $43.99/person we got sparkiling. Then, they added $6/person to the bill for the water. Our bill for 4 people came to $350 which included the tip. It was a nice experience (I'd been to a couple Churrascarias before) but would probably not go again because of the insane price which only includes the 'salad bar', sides and the meat.

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        If you like the Brazilian steak house thing, you might also try Em Chamas (hope I'm spelling that correctly); which is up north just west of 64th Street and I-29. I've eaten there once and it was very good and sounds just about the same as AFSB. However; I think it was ONLY $34/per person or something close to that.

      2. Well, I am from South Florida so we have quite a bit of these rodizios. I was quite excited to see one near me open up. I agree with the picanha being their best cut of meat there. I don't know if it's because we went there within the first few weeks of opening, but their meats weren't consistent tasting, being the same cut of meat but just off a different rack, some were rather bland while some were quite salty. I also have to say, for some reason the texture of the meats just didn't seem to be up to par. The salad bar was pretty good, and I have to say I did enjoy the polenta.

        So, all and all I was a litttle disappointed due to the saltiness or lack of and the texture of some of the meats. I've been to these types of restaurants in Florida, New York and California. So, unfortunately, I don't believe the quality is quite there yet, or maybe it was still in the training phase at that time.

        I would say at least go for the experience if you have never been to these types of restaurants. I think I will try it again later this year and see if perhaps I would have a different opinion about it.

        One of these days I'll try Em Chamas to compare as well.

        1. That's pretty weird. The Copeland's in Minneapolis was also replaced by a Brazilian churrascaria (Fogo de Chão, 645 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis). Yours sounds exactly like ours, right down to the prices. I haven't tried our version yet, mostly because of the prices, but might sometime when I'm feeling flush.

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            The hubby and I were wandering aimless for food on Friday night and we came across Amor. It was late and they were open until 11pm. It wasn't crowded at all after 9pm. The $43/person for both salad bar and meats was a bit more than what we wanted to spend, but as all-you-can-eat veterans, we got our money's worth.

            We were judicious with our salad bar choices. There was shrimp cocktail and seared rare ahi which were good, but something lingering in the back of our minds that perhaps not quite as fresh or exquisite as we'd like. But it was certainly good enough to gobble down a few pieces and not worry. There was heart of palm and some kind of Brazilian fruit salad that seemed more Midwestern than Brazilian but I have very little experience with Brazilian food.

            The way the system works is that you load up on salad bar items before trying the meats. I flipped my card over for "Yes Please" while I was still working on my salad bar items and it seemed to cause a breakdown in the system. They were nice about it, but our servers were constantly asking me if I was done with my salad plate. So if you're like me and like to have a bite of salad bar with the meats, be prepared to bugged A LOT.

            When you flip the card over for meats, the servers (they're referred to as gauchos) descend on you and it's a barrage of meats. They are very nice and if there's a particular meat you are waiting for, you can ask them and they'll send over the gaucho serving the meat you want to try. A few times, we had to flip over to "No Thanks" side of the card just to catch up eating and not lose track of what was what. When we did that, we were left alone.

            My favorites were the sirloins and rack of lamb. The filet mignon and pork tenderloin was actually kind of boring and the pork ribs too salty for my taste, but then again I am not fond of salty foods. The sausage was slightly sweet, kind of reminded me of a breakfast sausage which was a nice change of pace from the salty meats. I did feel kind of bad comparing it to a breakfast sausage, much better than a McDonald's breakfast sausage.

            I really liked the fried banana side dish and plowed through a couple of those. They were kind of inconsistent, some batches better than others. I kind of wished they were plantains but maybe they are hard to get or too "out there"? The polenta triangles were not bad either. Didn't touch the mashed potatoes because any all you can eat veteran can tell you, it'll fill you up.

            The service is extremely attentive. Somehow they knew when we flipped the card over or if we needed a fresh plate, it was almost as if there were cameras or we were being watched. I have a feeling if one person did salad bar and the other did both meat and salad bar, they would know about sharing even if it was just a taste.

            The table was ridiculously small and it was a challenge to fit the bread basket, 3 side dishes, 2 plates and a soup bowl on the postage sized table. The lobster bisque was the weirdest tasting lobster bisque I ever had. It had tiny bits of what I assume was lobster meat but I didn't care for the flavor.

            Overall, it was fun dining experience. It's not Plaza III level meats but the food overall was good. Desserts would have been nice, but in reality we stuffed ourselves silly.

          2. Thanks for the heads-up. I've been to Em Chamas a few times and have been pleased with the quality for the price. It's near I-29 & 64th (west to Cosby, south to restaurant entrance). It's not Fogo de Chau, but they slice the meat twice as thick and it costs half as much. I get out of there for about $35 a person instead of $60+. The side item bar doesn't have the robust quality selections that you see at the top-end Brazilian steak places, but that's not why you're there. The lamb is great, but the cheese infused prime rib keeps me coming back. I always kept wishing they'd bring around some ham and pineapple. Anyway, I'm hooked on Em Chamas, so I'll keep Amor in the back of my mind if I decide to splurge.