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Aug 3, 2007 12:27 PM

ISO: road food on I-75 south of Lexington KY

2 vehicle convoy...4 adults...3 kids (all will eat pretty much anything) in search of quick, cheap road food somewhere heading north on I-75 between the KY state line and Lexington. Need easy on/off Interstate, quick service, and parking lot suitable for a truck pulling a boat.

Here's the challenge...we'll be at the halfway point of our trip so gut-bombs are not ideal. Oh, and must be open on Sunday.

Any recommendations? Maybe in Berea or Richmond?

Thanks much!!

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  1. From a previous post:
    15 miles north of the Colonel Sanders museum[in Corbin] in a little town called London Kentucky is a 24/7/365 joint called Burger Boy.Ignore the burgers,although they're pretty darn good but do try the "Bauter Better Chicken".It's among the best I've sampled in the 15 or so states I've tried fried chicken.Good history[open for 40 plus years],diner atmosphere,,Alice Cooper on the jukebox and a phalanx of soulful waitresses from the surrounding counties.When I vacation in the area each August it's the only restaurant that I CRAVE.Give it a shot and then please post a response.

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      Thank you for the recommendation. We ended up being hungry precisely at the moment that we saw a sign that said "historic downtown Winchester" so we followed it down what can only be described as a perfect motorcycle road to a place called "Hall's on the River." Stopped there because we saw about a hundred motorcycles in the parking lot which is usually a good sign. Summary: overpriced, underwhelming. Hot Brown was decent but nothing to write home about. Catfish was standard. Ribs were good, but even lousy ribs are usually kind of ok. Country Ham w/red-eye gravy was typical. was just ok.

      1. re: creativeusername

        When I was growing up, Hall's was THE place to go for fried catfish and beer cheese. From your and others recent reports on the place, it seems like it has deteriorated greatly since I last visited 10-15 years ago. That’s a shame.

        1. re: LabRat

          Beer mean that glob of lumpy whiz they served with celery sticks and saltines?

          1. re: creativeusername

            Yeah, that's it. All I can say is that it USED to be good (just like the rest of the restaurant). My Dad used to buy it all the time, until they changed the recipe and it became almost inedible. Back in the day it was made with beer, spices and ACTUAL CHEESE! Now they make it with some kind of processed cheese-like substance. Luckily, one of Dad's friends knows how to make it the old way, and while she won't divulge the recipe she does make batches for him on a regular basis.

    2. This is an AVOID. Five guys burgers and fries. We stopped here based on reputation. I'm a hardcore burger guy. It was one of the most unpleasant meals I've attempted to eat. I had heard so much about Five Guys that I was willing to stand in line and wait... I never do this. My wife got her meal at the establishment across the street, wish I had gotten mine there too. I got a 5 guys triple and large fry. It seemed like there was a quart of mayo on my sandwich. Combine that with 3 burgers and condiments and you have a bonified mess unless you like meatloaf with Mayo for gravy. Sadly I ate as much of this as I could stand. I threw it in the garbage and got food elsewhere. This is the Five Guys of New Circle Rd and Richmond Rd.