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Aug 3, 2007 12:11 PM

Teocali in KC

Just returned from my first experience at Teocali (25th and Holmes near UMKC Dental School) and really enjoyed it.

I ate alone, so I sat at the bar and enjoyed a margarita (oops...but maybe ok since it's Friday) :) and a beef burrito spread topped with white jalapeno cheese.

The man next to me ordered the fish tacos, which I now wish I would have tried. Other menu items that peaked my interest were the sopes, torta ahogada and upon a friend's recco, pork nachos.

One downside to the place is the lack of chips & salsa service - it's $1.99 (which isn't bad) if you'd like some pre-meal.

A good lunch (and I'm sure dinner) spot on Hospital Hill near Crossroads area for those of you who are in the mood.

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  1. Teocali is my new favorite lunch place! I usually get the fish tacos (Tacos Puerto Vallarta) or the shrimp tacos (Tacos Manzanillo). Though I find the chipotle sauce waaay too strong for the seafood. My husband had the tacos with marinated pork - also very good - but I prefer the fish and/or shrimp.

    I get a little irritated when I have to pay for chips & salsa - but the salsa is worth it here. And I believe the refills are free - we've never been charged for them anyway.

    My problem is that I like the fish & shrimp tacos so much I'm afraid I'll be reluctant to try anything else. Except for maybe a margarita next time....

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    1. re: Mushroom

      Paying for chips and salsa is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I guess I'm spoiled by EVERY mexican restaurant in the US giving them to you for free. That being said, i've eaten at Teocali 3 times and only been charged once for the chips and salsa. And their salsa is one of my favorites really.

      I also would like to reccommend the enchiladas verde. Very tasty.

      1. re: blake1771

        I completely forgot that my girlfriend ordered the enchiladas verde (w/ chicken).

        It's not something I ever order, but I couldn't resist an offered bite and you're right - they are tasty! It had both white & dark meat and she would have prefered all white - but she enjoyed them none-the-less.

        I also agree - probably my favorite salsa in town.