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Aug 3, 2007 10:57 AM

Grill Accessories

Our new Weber arrived this week and we're going to break it in this weekend, finally! I've been spending weeks thinking about all the different things that I would like to try on the grill.

Before I go out and buy a slew of useless gadgets, I'm wondering if any of those accessories, like grill baskets or skillets, are necessary and worthwhile for things like grilled vegetables. In a thread on the Home Cooking board, someone mentioned a grill basket for french fries, which is what prompted me to wonder if these things are useful.

I saw a few different things on WS and BBB websites and I'm sure there are more...

Any tips? Thanks!

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  1. I've found a flexible grill basket (like the one on the WS page) to be useful for grilling fish and large veggies. If you are going to be doing a lot of small veggies, you might want to get a perforated grill wok-I usually just use metal skewers.

    I would definately avoid those stupid giant grilling tools (spatula, tongs); I've found them completely worthless. A normal set of spring loaded tongs and spatula is all you'll probably need. If you Weber is charcoal, get the Weber chimney starter, much better than other brands and quite inexpensive.

    Quite edit-in general I avoid very specialized tools for the grill and kitchen. Sure you could buy a basket designed specifically for corn, but why not just put it directly on the grill-that's what the grates are for!

    1. A grill basket is really good for grilling asparagus. No falling through the grate and easy to turn all at once.

      1. Thanks. I was mostly thinking for fish, and things like vegetables that will fall through the grates. That WS corn holder is so silly!

        1. Grill basket is good for fish. I do a lot of my vegetables right on the grill- but I guess the basket would work, too. I do have the large tongs, long handled "flipper" as well as a sauce brush with a long handle. I was able to buy them for about $2.00 each, so could not pass them up.

          1. I do the french fries (and veggies and all sorts of other stuff) in the Williams-Sonoma vertical roaster which I got on clearance for under $10. I have found it much easier to cook veggies since I can just pile them in and stir them around as if they were in a pot.

            I feel like most grilling accessories are a bit gimmicky, but here's a few that I consistently keep using.

            I really like long-handled grilling tools. Your normal tools will definitely work just fine, but sometimes when I have to spend a more than a few minutes working over the hot grill it's nice to not have my armhair singeing off :-)

            If it's a gas grill a smoker box is nice to have.

            If you make a lot of ribs, a rib rack can help maximize use of the space

            Some good skewers