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Aug 3, 2007 10:55 AM


I'd like to hear opinions on Olive & Lemon (Harbord St.). My young daughter loves(eats nothing else) the Pasta Limone and we've never had anything to complain about-other than the waitresses. The waiters have always been pleasant but the watresses exude a certain coldness-we always hope for a waiter at our table.
P.S.; We are Americans but given the opportunity we would emigrate to Canada in a flash!
Be proud of your country.

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  1. Your daughter is right - the pasta limone is out of this world as is their salmon! My boyfriend and I went there on our first date and were treated very well by the waitress and by the owner too, actually. He was very friendly and bought us a round of drinks too.... We always recommend Olive and Lemon to others, the food is great, the atmosphere is nice and the prices are excellent.

    1. It's interesting that you say that about the waitresses, the owner used to own the College Street Bar, and the waitresses were known for being fairly cool to customers.
      I haven't been to Olive & Lemon yet, but the owner's last restaurant served wonderful food.
      I would say it was one of my favorite places for pasta and risotto. I hear that a place on King St. W called Sugar Cafe has some of the best pasta in T.O.

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        I haven't been for dinner, just great brunches, but Sugar is located at 942 QUEEN West at Shaw...check it out...

      2. I forgot to add, I'm glad you like it here in Canada, it's nice to hear.

        1. I went to Olive and Lemon just once about three years ago - most of our food was cold, tough, flavourless, and overpriced. And I also got cold service. With Messis, 93 (?) Harbord, and the Boulevard Cafe all in the neighbourhood, I haven't been back. By the sounds of it, it was just an off-night. I guess I'll have to try again.