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Aug 3, 2007 10:47 AM

Brunch/Lunch on Boerum Hill

In a few weeks I'm coming to NYC to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress.

The dressmaker is in Boerum Hill on Atlantic Ave between Hoyt and Bond. I am completly unfamilar with this area (Only spend time in Manhatten when visiting my brother) but I was hoping to grab a good brunch/lunch either before my 1pm appointment or after. Nothing too heavy but something tasty with service that doesn't take forever and a day.

I'll either be dining by myself or with a friend (who may meet me). I did some quick rsearch on Zagats and came up with Bar Tabac, Downtown Atlantic (the cupcakes look mmmmm good!) and Jolie.

Any thoughts on these 3? Anything else I should consider? I"m not interested in being more then a few blocks from the dressmaker nor am I interested in going some place seperate on the train just for lunch.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. You did good. These are great choices. I would choose Jolie, but it is the quietest and most gentle place, Bar Tabac is the most trendy. Downtown Atlantic is the most conventional. But again, I don't think you would go wrong in any of them.

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      1. Of the three places you mentioned, I've only had lunch at Downtown Atlantic and recommend it. They have a pretty extensive menu that includes nice salads that will leave you room for dessert, or you have take the cupcakes home and have them after your fitting : )

        1. A bunch of ifs: if your fitting is at Michelle, if you are really lazy (I never use that word in a negative way), if Middle Eastern food sounds really good to you and if you care to forget about brunch (which they don't do), Bedouin Tent is right across the street, on the other side of the Bond St. intersection. Nice backyard and screened-in 'tent' dining. It's a go-to place for me although there are other luke-warm reviews on this board. If the above criteria fit the bill for you, it is, IMO a safe & solid choice---at worst, ok. At best, very good.

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            My fitting is at Kimera...I believe it is right next door to Downtown Atlantic. (If I end up there, I will have to save my cupcake indulgence until AFTER the dress fitting. :) )