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Aug 3, 2007 10:46 AM

Tommy Nevins Pub in Naperville

Has anyone been to this new place yet? It is on the west side of Route 59 south of 103rd St. in front of the English Rows townhouses.

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  1. I have not been there yet, but a friend from south Naperville with whom I ride the train recently mentioned that he had had a good experience there. He said the food was quite good, and mentioned that he had ordered tilapia -- which, to me, sounded a bit adventurous for an Irish pub -- but he said that it was good nonetheless. He said that it has been quite crowded, and that they'd tried to go there several times and couldn't get in.

    It looks like it's pretty similar to Quigley's -- there's one in Evanston, which a Northwestern friend had talked about and compared Quigley's to it when I brought him there. They have a full menu on their website.

    1. I haven't been to the Naperville one, but I have been to the Evanston one!

      I usually go there to go out for a drink, not to eat, because the food is just ok there. I tried one of their appetizers once and hated it, but entrees aren't bad. They have pretty good drink specials usually - cheap pitchers of beer. Fun atmosphere! I'd recommend checking it out. Oh and thanks for letting me know they expanded - I had no idea they were planning on opening up new locations!


      1. Assuming it's the same as the Evanston one, then I'd say it's a fine place for basic pub food. The dishes we've had that hit the spot were the fish and chips, burgers, and bangers and mash. Never tried any other food beyond the basics.

        They definitely pour a good pint of Guiness.

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          It can be very loud, but that is probably what should be expected from an Irish pub.

        2. I ended up visiting Tommy's a few days ago with a friend who lives in that area. A lively atmosphere indeed!! It's a fairly large place and is VERY popular with the locals. Love the leather upholstered walls, tin ceilings, wood paneling, fireplace with a sitting area and two bars. The south end of Naperville sure seems to be welcoming this new addition to the booming restaurant and retail area along Route 59. We had such a good time we never made it to the restaurant although I would like to go back to try it out. We had appetizers and I highly recommend the drunken sailors (on their menu) ;-) .

          1. We have eaten at the Tommy Nevins in Naperville often over the past year. We liked the fact that they took reservations on weekends. While we like the food and the extensive menu, we have found the service to be spotty and the atmosphere to be quite loud if you want to be able to have dinner conversation. The tables in the dining area are also packed closely together so it can be a feat to dine without someone bumping into you or finding a wait person's back to you in close proximity while they tend to another table. We liked the food, so we kept going back.
            This weekend was the last straw. We had an early (5:30) reservation for a party of six to celebrate my mother's 75th birthday. She had requested Nevins as she was in the mood for Irish food, but asked if we could get a table in a quieter section of the restaurant. We called ahead and repeated the request. We were assured it would not be a problem. When we arrived a few minutes ahead of our reservation, our table had already been given away. The young teen hostesses were ineffective at resolving the situation and did nothing to rectify the sitution. We did not even receive an apology.

            When they are busy, reservations mean nothing to this place. They have inexperienced kids running the place on weekends. Skip it if you are a party over 4.