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Aug 3, 2007 10:32 AM

Beer Lao

Does anyone know if it's available anywhere in Toronto?

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  1. About 4 years ago upon returning from a SE Asion trip I searched for many products I had been introduced to, never saw this one around though, although I wasn't looking for it specifically too carbonated for me...maybe at a beer centric bar or Asian restaurant will be stocking it?...goodluck!

    1. they definitely used to have it at Vanipha Lanna ( on St Clair W (E of Oakwood).

      Great place too!

      1. It can be had at the summerhill liquor stores wall of beer. Canada being one of a handful of countries you can even get the stuff.

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        1. re: Ender

          Are you sure about that? I've tried pretty much every beer available in Ontario, and I'm generally on top of new arrivals, but I've never seen this stuff. Not to mention that it's not listed in the online inventory on the LCBO website.

          1. re: gregclow

            I agree!
            In Laos they 'claimed' it was available in TO, but I've never seen it here (or at Vanipha Lanna).
            Having said that, I have stumbled over a few rarities at Summerhill (including Cambodian beer currently).

            1. re: estufarian

              Cambodian beer? Crazy! Did you get it there quite recently? Which one was it?

              Sorry, I'm a bit of a... well, Beerhound, I guess. I have a bit of an obsession with trying as many beers from as many different countries as possible.

              1. re: gregclow

                Sorry, I was mistaken - got the wrong country.
                It was Vietnamese beer (Saigon, 454579)
                but I missed the 9.5% Lithuanian beer - only have the wimpy 5.25% one left.

              2. re: estufarian

                I definitely had it at Vanipha Lanna (maybe 4/5 yrs ago) -- have the empty bottle to prove it!
                Maybe they know who the importer is...if anyone still brings it it.

              3. re: gregclow

                I have purchased it there but I do not know if its something they always have. YMMV

                1. re: Ender

                  Interesting. I've heard that the larger stores (like Summerhill and Cooper St.) sometimes get stock from private orders that aren't picked up or that otherwise go awry in some way, so perhaps that's what happened there.