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Aug 3, 2007 10:19 AM

Restaurant recommendation in Kentlands...

Going there to visit friends this weekend. I know there are numerous restaurants there but I have no idea what is there or what is good. Please advise. Thanks!

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  1. What price point? What types of food? Ethnic? Give us more info. Also, if your friends are in the kentlands, they probably have favorites!

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      Here's a list:
      If there's a number next to it, click on it and there's a review. If you have questions about specific places, let me know. I've been to most of them at one time or another. My number one pick for a super nice evening is the French restaurant Le Palais, which we went to a couple weeks ago and had an outstanding dinner with charming service. It is pricey. Ruby's is always popular and has nice outdoor seating. Thai Tanium is good for Thai. I always enjoy Doughboys for pizza. Ask about others.

    2. We have been going to Buca for since it opened. Good Italian,IMO, if you have children, it is noisy enough that no one is bothered. They used to do only family style dishes but now have dishes for 2. We always get the Fruitti di Mar..sp?)...pasta with seafood..always good. And , I am not a chain store pizza eater, but actually will eat their is rectangular, thin crust, that they place atop two large tomato cans..highly recommend if you have a party of 4 or more...Also good, their caesar salad, the lemon chicken, and I like their spinach, ( tho I think That's Amore is better)....if you have never been there, they will give you a tour via their kitchen...strongly recommend a reservation on the weekends..I have also heard(never been) that Tandoori Nights for Indian ( from a native) is quite good....We have also been to Bonefish...loved their tuna tartar...but again, you probably need a reservation......there are a couple of new restaurants on Market Street.. but I have no info on the weather is nice, it's a great place to walk and spirits for drinks, dinner at various locations, ice cream at Maggie Moos, Cold Stone, or Marble Slab....