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What is good at Zaytinya?

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Probably going there this weekend or early next week...

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      Which one? How about the food?

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        when i went, I went with a big group and I dont remember specifics of what we ordered. I know they RAVED about the raw beef thing, and ordered another plate of it.

        I do remember the pide was very good.

        I had the cherry chocolate desert with a salted caramel.
        it was really good.

    2. They have fantastic Lebanese wine that is pretty hard to find elsewhere. If you like strong reds, give it a try! I think the label is Ksara...

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        I have not yet been to Zaytinya, but I eat at the Lebanese eateries all over Northern Virginia and I'm looking forward to Zaytinya.

        Chateau Musar is the grand cru of Lebanon, started on 1930 with a lot of French influence. If you can get it, it's on a par with the at least the second rank wineries of France.

      2. I LOVE the turkish delight dessert. and the carrot, apricot, pine nut fritters with pistachio sauce. really anything with the pistachio sauce....

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          oo those were good.
          the fritters.
          very yummy. i remember asking for another order, but with 8-10 people, they got eaten before they got to me!

        2. The hummus, kibbe, taramosalata (I can't get enough of that) and the red meat - it's like a small piece of steak and it's great. I don't like the wines very much and stick to the cocktails - there's one with sour cherry juice that's divine.

          1. I don't remember the name, but they have a pita stuffed with a spiced lamb that is stinking awesome. If they have grape leaves as a special, get them. They are so far from the usual salad bar version it's mind-blowing. Also, it seems obvious, but get the hummus. Again, it's just so different from what you buy in a grocery store. It's just lovely.

            1. It sounds declasse, but my favorite thing on the menu is their fries. Or rather, the "Patates Tiganites Me Yaourti Aglaia Kremezi.” It's potatoes fried in olive oil and served with yogurt. I suspect the secret ingredient is crack, because I can't get enough of them.

              1. Classic and good: Imam Bayildi (stuffed eggplant, was tender and a nice meld of onion/tomato stuffing). Skip the Bakaltaro Skordalia; cod tasteless, batter falls off; skordalia strangely UNgarlicky.

                1. I think everything there is at least very good. My favorite thing to do there is to simply tell the waiter to surprise me with three items (per person) and a wine pairing. I also mention not to just bring stuff that the kitchen is trying to unload. I never go wrong doing this.

                  1. And their mussels are very good, along with their hummus. I also really like the lamb chops, rabbit.

                    1. Try the pomme-filles to drink--very refreshing.

                      1. The roasted red pepper and feta is what I always get.

                        1. Top choice for me- the pine nut-carrot fritters. Delicious.

                          1. Was there on Sunday - a summer salad of watermelon, feta, mint and kalamata olives was delicious and refreshing. The haloume cheese pide (sort of a small pizza) was also quite tasty.