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Aug 3, 2007 10:16 AM

What is good at Zaytinya?

Probably going there this weekend or early next week...

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    1. re: Jeserf

      Which one? How about the food?

      1. re: jrmd

        when i went, I went with a big group and I dont remember specifics of what we ordered. I know they RAVED about the raw beef thing, and ordered another plate of it.

        I do remember the pide was very good.

        I had the cherry chocolate desert with a salted caramel.
        it was really good.

    2. They have fantastic Lebanese wine that is pretty hard to find elsewhere. If you like strong reds, give it a try! I think the label is Ksara...

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      1. re: editrix

        I have not yet been to Zaytinya, but I eat at the Lebanese eateries all over Northern Virginia and I'm looking forward to Zaytinya.

        Chateau Musar is the grand cru of Lebanon, started on 1930 with a lot of French influence. If you can get it, it's on a par with the at least the second rank wineries of France.

      2. I LOVE the turkish delight dessert. and the carrot, apricot, pine nut fritters with pistachio sauce. really anything with the pistachio sauce....

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        1. re: dcish

          oo those were good.
          the fritters.
          very yummy. i remember asking for another order, but with 8-10 people, they got eaten before they got to me!

        2. The hummus, kibbe, taramosalata (I can't get enough of that) and the red meat - it's like a small piece of steak and it's great. I don't like the wines very much and stick to the cocktails - there's one with sour cherry juice that's divine.

          1. I don't remember the name, but they have a pita stuffed with a spiced lamb that is stinking awesome. If they have grape leaves as a special, get them. They are so far from the usual salad bar version it's mind-blowing. Also, it seems obvious, but get the hummus. Again, it's just so different from what you buy in a grocery store. It's just lovely.