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Aug 3, 2007 10:12 AM

Dinner Suggestions for Gramercy Tavern

I'm having dinner at Gramercy Tavern this weekend ... any recommendations of dishes that 'can't miss' ?

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  1. I love almost everything they do. The only dish I didn't enjoy was their Halibut. Last time I went it tasted undercooked and bland. I usually stick to their meat dishes which are all fantastic. One of my favorite desserts is there as well- the chocolate peanut butter cake with frozen milk. I usually get that in the bar room itself though.

    1. If they still have the filet with sauteed onions, get it!!!

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        i remember their venison dish was exceptional (but that was about 3 years ago)

      2. A few weeks back, both the soft-shell crab appetizer and the rack of lamb (off the bone) were superbly sauced--the best meal I've had this summer. And the tapioca dessert (the lone hold-over from the old regime) was fabulous, as always.