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Aug 3, 2007 10:11 AM

Honda-Ya in Little Tokyo Open?

Does anyone know if Honda-Ya in Little Tokyo has opened yet? Eater LA posted on 7/24 that it would open soon. I remember reading in another topic that it's located in the same plaza as Mitusa? Can anyone confirm? Thanks!

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  1. Ended at up Mitsuwa plaza for lunch today and Honda-Ya is about 2 doors down from Sushi Go 55. Not open yet, but it looks like they are close.

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    1. re: lileor

      oh so it's in mitsuwa/yaohan plaza? no wonder i don't notice it tooling around j-town...

      1. re: rameniac

        Yes, it's in the Little Tokyo Shopping Center a few doors down from Sushi Go 55. There was also a large poster with the Beard Papa logo hung outside the building, I think it's going in the empty storefront next to the ice cream place on the ground floor.

        1. re: lileor

          Yup, I heard that it was going to go in the spot where "Ginza-ya" use to be. That bakery use to be THE BEST! But the last few years when I've gone their breads have been really dry.

    2. I go to my martial arts class just 3 doors down from Honda-Ya. It's not open yet, but I'll keep the 'Hounds updated on this - I'm eager to try it also!

      1. Update:

        A very reliable source from my Shinkendo class (3 doors down from Honda-Ya) says that Honda-Ya in Little Tokyo is slated to open on August 20th!

        Little Tokyo Shopping Center, 3rd floor
        333 S. Alameda
        Los Angeles, CA 90013

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          1. re: J.L.

            Does anyone happen to have the phone number??

            1. re: cynthia105

              It's a chain of very good izakaya restaurants. They have one in Tustin.

              1. re: J.L.

                Other than Honda-Ya, is the well-known Shinshengumi in Fountain Valley also consider a izakaya restaurant, or it's just purely known as yakitori?

                1. re: kelvlam

                  ssg is a "robata-ya", meaning they have a grill but don't exclusively do bird. although most of their stuff is chicken. yay for bacon-wrapped goodies. i still think of it as a yakitori more than anything else. but i treat them all as izakaya =P...

                  1. re: rameniac

                    The attitude certainly reeks of izakaya, and I heartily second your appreciation for bacon wrapped anything. They'll do pork, beef, parts of chicken you never thought you'd eat, or veggies on a skewer, but they have a whole other menu of items not related to the grill. They also do a lights out, loud singing birthday celebration.

                    I just wish there was one closer to me (downtown LA or La Mirada).

            2. I was at Issen Joki today at lunch, and it looked like Honda-Ya was already open.