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Honda-Ya in Little Tokyo Open?

Does anyone know if Honda-Ya in Little Tokyo has opened yet? Eater LA posted on 7/24 that it would open soon. I remember reading in another topic that it's located in the same plaza as Mitusa? Can anyone confirm? Thanks!

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  1. Ended at up Mitsuwa plaza for lunch today and Honda-Ya is about 2 doors down from Sushi Go 55. Not open yet, but it looks like they are close.

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      oh so it's in mitsuwa/yaohan plaza? no wonder i don't notice it tooling around j-town...

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        Yes, it's in the Little Tokyo Shopping Center a few doors down from Sushi Go 55. There was also a large poster with the Beard Papa logo hung outside the building, I think it's going in the empty storefront next to the ice cream place on the ground floor.

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          Yup, I heard that it was going to go in the spot where "Ginza-ya" use to be. That bakery use to be THE BEST! But the last few years when I've gone their breads have been really dry.

    2. I go to my martial arts class just 3 doors down from Honda-Ya. It's not open yet, but I'll keep the 'Hounds updated on this - I'm eager to try it also!

      1. Update:

        A very reliable source from my Shinkendo class (3 doors down from Honda-Ya) says that Honda-Ya in Little Tokyo is slated to open on August 20th!

        Little Tokyo Shopping Center, 3rd floor
        333 S. Alameda
        Los Angeles, CA 90013

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            Does anyone happen to have the phone number??

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              It's a chain of very good izakaya restaurants. They have one in Tustin.

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                Other than Honda-Ya, is the well-known Shinshengumi in Fountain Valley also consider a izakaya restaurant, or it's just purely known as yakitori?

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                  ssg is a "robata-ya", meaning they have a grill but don't exclusively do bird. although most of their stuff is chicken. yay for bacon-wrapped goodies. i still think of it as a yakitori more than anything else. but i treat them all as izakaya =P...

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                    The attitude certainly reeks of izakaya, and I heartily second your appreciation for bacon wrapped anything. They'll do pork, beef, parts of chicken you never thought you'd eat, or veggies on a skewer, but they have a whole other menu of items not related to the grill. They also do a lights out, loud singing birthday celebration.

                    I just wish there was one closer to me (downtown LA or La Mirada).

            2. I was at Issen Joki today at lunch, and it looked like Honda-Ya was already open.

              1. Their hours are 5:30pm-1am

                1. I called yesterday and confirmed TODAY is the PUBLIC opening! I have a reservation there at 7pm :) Will report back :)

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                    Very good, every dish was solid! Would definitely come back :) Had pork kimchi, green onion pancake, red snapper tempura, sashimi [forgot which one], something with squid fried in a ball shape, and eggplant. All very good. Total was $40 (w/o tip, and also had a glass of sake)

                  2. It's open. I went tonight. Still a bit woozy. It's just as good as the FV and Tustin locations, just not as crowded which was a plus. One of the waitresses that used to work in FV is now working there. I even got to check out some roller derby girls in the old bowling alley. Damn those girls can kick some...

                    1. is it expensive? some guys wanna go hang out tomorrow and spend about $15/person.

                      1. i went here last week. i found the food to be coarse and boring. its the standard fare but just not done well.
                        ie. the tako yaki was so so
                        the kaki fry (fried oysters) had a heavy breading.
                        everything tasted marginal.

                        last night i went back to izayoi which is my go to place for izakaya. that place never fails!