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Aug 3, 2007 10:06 AM

Best place in Boston area to eat alone?

Going stag tonight, would like to get a meal without going pub?
Recommend your favorites?

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    1. re: lissy

      If you are prepared for a high-end place I would suggest the bar at Mistral.

      1. re: RoyRon

        i agree with the recs up here... #9 is always a great spot at the bar.
        don't forget uni! a great place to get some high quality fish in a relaxing atmosphere.

        believe it or not, i've had some good solo experiences at toro. the vibe always great and it gets poeple talking to others and even sharing food.

        i would stay clear of mistral unless you are a 45-65 yr old man looking to pray on divorced women looking for their next sugar daddy

    2. Great advice so far.

      I'd agree with dining at the bar at Mistral, Via Matta, Davios, Neptune Oyster, Number9 cafe menu - lobster gnocchi? There are plenty of choices to keep it from going over the top expensive, as you would in the diningroom. Or southend - Franklin, or Union or Rocco - new place, looks nice, hear good things.

      tic toc!

      1. Can a eunuch actually go stag?

        For a lower priced options I'd recommend Audobon Circle but maybe for a future meal. I actually avoid the place on Fri & Sat nights, a little to hectic. Not sure if the sox are at fenway tonight but that's a dealbreaker too.

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        1. re: joestrummer

          Sox are in Seattle this weekend so no home games and they start later. Good combination for going out to the places around Fenway.

          1. re: joestrummer

            How about Great Bay near Fenway? The have both a raw bar where you can sit and a regular bar. The food there is excellent...especially if you like oysters. They make a good martini as well. :)