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Aug 3, 2007 10:01 AM

Aloha Festival at the Presidio August 4-5

I'm going to check out the food and entertainment at the Aloha Festival this weekend at the Presidio in San Francisco. 10AM - 5PM both days, admission is free, though parking is $5. This is the annual Pacific Islander culture festival.

I'm specifically looking for malasadas (the lines were huge last year) and unusual jams and jellies (hopefully I can find poha). I'll report back if I find anything good there.

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  1. I love this event - both for the food/vendors, and the entertainment. Be sure to check out the vendors, as they typically offer great snacks, like li hing gummy bears and macademia nut cookies.

    1. Most of the food vendors at the Aloha Festival are selling plate lunches (teriyaki, kalua pig, loco moco, lau lau). The Academy of Hawaiian Art is the only vendor is selling malasadas, 6 for $4. Though their sign just says teriyaki, they have malasadas, too. I didn't try them as the lines were long (one to place your order, and another for pickup).

      The other booths sell arts & crafts, including cookies, snacks & jams. The cookies didn't look or taste appealing, the sample I had was overly sweet & dry (your basic commercial product). One vendor had a decent selection of jams (I think it was booth 87 & 88, there was no name). I bought a jar of Maui Poha jam.