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Aug 3, 2007 09:59 AM

Good takeout between SD Airport and UCSD Hospital?

Long complicated story, but I'm visiting a friend there this weekend who is confined to bed with expected twins. I'm using a free ticket to buzz down just for the day....

She has been complaining a lot about the hospital food...not only does it taste bad but it is very unhealthy (her blood sugar has been a little high so they've put her on a "diabetic" diet where EVERYTHING contains aspartamane...lovely for a pregnant women.). She is hardly eating the hospital food, and when you're expecting twins not eating is a problem...

So what healthy goodies can I surprise her with that are easily accessible from the freeway? A few caveats: nothing inappropriate for a pregnant woman (ie raw fish) obviously. And she is one of those weird "cilantro tasters" who can't stand the no cilantro allowed!! She likes all ethnic, but I have to be careful about the cilantro issue...probably really spicy isn't going to sit well either.


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  1. When I was once stuck in a hospital for quite a long time, the smell of pizza could almost reduce me to tears. Bronx pizza is reputed to be among the best in SD, and it's practically at the front door of UCSC Medical Center. It's at 111 Washington St.

    If she'd like something a little more conventional, the City Deli is at the corner of Sixth and University -- also right near the hospital -- and can fix you up with sandwiches, salads or even some chicken soup, all certifiably cilantro free.
    . . . jim strain in san diego.

    1. For healthy and yummy, I'd go with Whole Foods Market in Hillcrest - their takeout counter has lots of choices.

      1. Both my kids were born there. Coming out of the airport you are very close to MIMO'S GRAB and Go. They make a fantastic tuna, with out mayo.

        2102 India Street
        San Diego, CA 92101

        Bronx Pizza was good, I went there many times.
        Whole Foods was a great suggestion from above.

        There is a little coffee shop outside of the hosptital, near the ebergency room entrance that has pretty good salads and sandwiches.

        I wish you and your frind good luck and fast and healthy birth.

        1. El Cuervo is a longish walking distance from UCSD. Good taco shop and easy to avoid cilantro and spicy if you don't do the salsa bar. Corner of Washington and 1st St.

          I'd also do Whole Foods.