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Aug 3, 2007 09:53 AM

Burlington VT Japanese Steakhouse on Rt 7 (moved from Boston)

Have anybody eaten there? I would appreciate any review of it or any other restaurant in South Burlington, that could handle a family of 14.

What about The Daily Planet?

Any other place to recommend. Good food , good service, and a low noise level. would be my preferences.

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  1. I presume you're talking about Koto? I think it's a great restaurant, good sushi, although I prefer to go to Asiana House downtown. But, I haven't been to Koto in a couple of years...

    I ate at Daily Planet two weeks ago. First time in many years and I thought it was just as good as it remembered it. Could have been the martini, though. :-)) But, if you're looking for a place for 14 people, I would maybe steer clear. It's fairly small and I think it can be noisy. We were lucky, it was a Wed. night and there was just one other table. And come to think of it, either the woman talked loudly (I think that might be the case) or the acoustics are bad, but either way, it was kind of loud. And Daily Planet it downtown, not in South Burlington. Wasn't sure if you knew that, since it sounded like you were looking for something on the outskirts.

    There are lots of other recommendations for places in the area, just do a search for Burlington. I presume you're looking to seat 14?

    Happy Eating!

    1. I haven't been to the Burlington location, but I have been to the Koto in W. Lebanon, NH many times and I like it very much. Good sushi and hibachi.

      1. I visited Burlington in May and ate at Koto, it was decent. It's what you would expect from a Hibachi place. I also ate at Adriana's on Church Street, which was just ok.

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          I highly recommend Junior's in Winooski, about a ten minute drive from South Burlington. They recently moved to a new location, and it's much more family friendly... lots of big tables. It was bustling with families the last time my husband and I were there. It's actually been kind of a bummer for us, because we loved the cozy little nooks of their old restaurant... the old location was much more couple friendly. They have wonderful NYC style Italian food... fresh ingredients with family-sized portions: . Most of the waitstaff have worked there for years, and are excellent.

          American Flatbread downtown is also great for families. It can get a little noisy, however, as it fills up. It's a pretty innovative place, with lots of organic, local, interesting ingredients:

          I have been to Koto several times and agree with whelmed... it's your typical Hibachi place. I've never heard anything negative about it. I agree with Addisonchef that Daily Planet might be too small for a party of 14. The food is very good though.

          Another option would be the Inn at Essex for Sunday brunch only. Very good, and very family friendly. It's also typically quiet, even when filled to capacity. My family eats here once a year for my Uncle's birthday:
          Lots of options to choose from, with fresh veggies, fruits, breads, salads, breakfast dishes and desserts. AWESOME desserts...yuummm.

          1. re: katiepie

            Same - Koto is a typical Hibachi place. Would probably be fun for first-timers to Hibachi.

            I would think American Flatbread wouldn't be so great a choice only because it fills up and with a large group like that - you'd spend quite a bunch of time waiting. So unless you were gonna go at an off time - I'd look elsewhere. Plus, the noise level is high for sure at AF. I've also found the service to be somewhat spotty at Flatbread - as they rush around trying to get everyone taken care of.

            1. re: Jestner

              Thanks for all the feedback.

              AF is not an option because one of my relatives used to work there, but Koto and Juniors sound like good options.

              Also can any one recommend any place in Middlebury? My inlaws were very partial to the Dog Team but it burned.

              1. re: scharffenberger

                In Middlebury, I have two recommendations, Mr Ups and Fire and Ice. Mr Ups is a nice, restaurant, has a great salad bar, good food, but more on the casual side. If you're lucky, you could sit on the porch, it's always lovely if it's a nice night. Fire and Ice is a bit on the more fancy and more expensive side, but the food is good, and the atmosphere is better. Both could accomodate your large party, if they're still with you. :-))