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Aug 3, 2007 09:47 AM

Lunch in Boston's Financial District

You MUST go to Nunzio's on State Street. Excellent quality & positively yummy.

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  1. Can you provide more details? Type of food, environment, eat in or take out...Thanks.

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    1. re: lissy

      They have breakfast, sandwiches to die for (e.g. Pegasus = Roasted turkey with fresh mozzarella and pesto) and fresh, reasonably priced pizza which is better than Bertucci's or Regina's in Faneuil Hall. There are a few tables to eat in, take out is quick, and the place is spotless.

    2. Any other places you like in the financial district?

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      1. re: 9lives

        I was a huge fan of Al's State Street, primarily because of price and hyper nice service. The sandwiches at Nunzio's are superior and they have slices of pizza.

      2. I would recommend Houstons right there in Faniuel Hall. Its quick, great food and excellent service. Get there though before noon or after 1ish otherwise you will be facing a wait!

        1. It's not fancy, but for under $7 you can get a pretty damn good burger and fries and a pint of beer at Biddy Early's.

          1. Right next to Al's on State Street is Sultan's Kitchen which has fabulous Turkish food - very highly recomended.