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Aug 3, 2007 09:28 AM

Eastern European Deli?

First off, I did try and search for this info but the search feature not so much - turned up stuff I wasn't really looking for.

My parents are from Poland originally and looking for the following here:

1. *Whole* herring
2. *Fresh* smoked whitefish and other fish
3. Maybe German sausage

Is there maybe a Russian or Hungarian deli somewhere (Fairfax?) that has all of these items - the first two more vital than the third? Help is much appreciated!

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  1. I wonder if you can get them from Alpine Village off the 110. I would call. There is also a great German Deli with many types of sausages in Glendale/Montrose called Schreiners which may have what you need.

    1. I don't know if any of the below have all 3 items, so give them a call:

      J & T European Gourmet Foods - Polish - Santa Monica
      They may be owned and staffed 100% with people from Poland, but most definetly have Polish & Eastern European sauages (and other deli items).
      1128 Wilshire Blvd., (310) 394-7227

      In Addition, as Back-up right across the street:
      Ukraina Deli - 1207 Wilshire Blvd., S.M. (310) 393-2399

      Traktir - Russian - West Hollywood
      They have a deli next door, don't have the number but the restaurant can tell you.
      8151 Santa Monica Blvd., (323) 654-3030

      Otto's - Hungarian - Burbank

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        Hmm some intriguing ones here, although none of them had fresh smoked whitefish (they had mackerel, salmon, pink trout, eel...) I think those first two might be good places to start though since they are so close. Seems like Ukraina has more fish choices than J&T. I'll let you guys know.

        1. re: krez

          For smoked fish, maybe a larger deli is in order, whether it's "fresh" according to your standards, only you can determine:

          Barney Greengrass - Smoked Fish - 9570 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills (310) 777-5877
          White Fish a flaky white fish with a light, soft finish.

          Sable smoked black codfish. a satin smooth white fish with a delicate paprika finish.

          Sturgeon the filet mignon of the sea. (Their signature fish).
          Nova Scotia Salmon.
          Belly Lox (salty) salmon cured in a salt brine.
          Kippered ( Baked) Salmon fatty salmon that has been hot smoked.
          House Cured Gravlox unsmoked atlantic salmon cured with salt, sugar, fresh dill
          Pastrami Salmon smoked atlantic salmon cured with pastrami spices ( garlic, paprika, molasses and pepper).

          - or -

          Nate & Al's - Beverly Hills


          1. re: JBC

            Thank you everyone. By "fresh" I think he means not frozen. I'm not sure how that works with smoked fish - I just thought it would be shipped as is since it is "cooked" already.

        2. re: JBC

          If your going to try Ottos, you may have to order online right now. When I drove by the beginnig part of July, they were closed for remodeling. Shame, too, as I was wanting to poke around the store and buy some blood sausages and paprika.At least give them a call, to see if the store is back open.

          Definately give the Alpine Village Market in Torrance a visit. I feel like i've died and gone to heaven when i'm there! Don't forget to buy some of the best seedless German Rye bread from their bakery..Oh, and good luck in walking away from that counter without going overboard! I can vouch that anything they bake there with marzipan in it is DIVINE. They make a small marzipan "potato" cake thay I have to bring back half a dozen to Las Vegas with me every trip. They can even do a marzipan wedding cake. (I sooooo wish I could have had that for mine!)

          Also, Schriner's German Deli in Glendale/Montrose is decent to even good. (perfect when a longer trip to Torrance isn't in the cards.) They make a delicious Black Forest Ham sandwich with really crusty French rolls. Get a few sammies, a real-sugared root-beer from their case, and drive to Descanso Gardens for a wonderful picnic!

        3. There are a handful of Russian/Ukrainian delis selling lots of different varieties of smoked fish around Santa Monica and Crescent Heights. I can never remember their names but there's a few in close proximity to one another.

          1. Alpine Village Market in Torrance. Also Eschbachs in Gardena for meats and sausages too.

            1. Am almost positive I saw everything you're looking for in the case at Ukraina Deli in Santa Monica.

              Ukraina Deli
              1207 Wilshire Blvd.
              Santa Monica, CA