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Aug 3, 2007 09:21 AM

Where to eat in Santa Barbara / Ojai area.

We'll be in the Sta Barbara area, staying overnight at the Ojai Valley Inn on a Sunday night. I'm sure my kids won't like the spa menu, and my husband will hate the prices. Any suggestions for reasonably priced meals?

Also, where might we get good ice cream in Ojai?

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  1. Head east on the highway out of Ojai a bit to right at the fork in the road that goes over the hills to Santa Paula and there is a funky, casual "Italian" restaurant with pizza and stuff and great, warm, fresh real shortcake strawberry shortcake. It has outdoor tables too. Perfect for kids.

    Plenty of interesting dining in Santa Paula these days if you want a country drive past the horse farms and historic oil outcroppings: Hozy's; GlenTavern; Chili Hut; Langdon's; Orchard Dinners with Limonneira Agri-tours; and dime a dozen Mexican places, many very good. There is the wonderful dinner train from Filmore to Santa Paula too that would be fun for kids.

    Also a trip into Old Town Ventura on Main Street has excellent dining choices for maybe you way there or from Ojai.