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Aug 3, 2007 09:19 AM

Wedding Caterer Recommendations

Has anyone ever used or been to weddings catered by any of the following: (1) Palate Pleasers, (2) Main Ingredient Cafe & Caterers, (3) Saucy Salamandar, or (4) A Cook's Cafe? If so, what kind of food did they serve/provide and what were your thoughts on the food and service?

My sister and her fiance live in NYC but their wedding will be in Annapolis. Since the site that she chose only allows vendors on an "approved list" we're all sorta clueless as to who might be good. Also since it's a little difficult to keep traveling from Boston to MD (me) and NYC to MD (my sister and her fiance), I thought I could help out by trying to narrow her choices down before we start scheduling appointments...

I apologize in advance for the pseudo-chowhoundish topic, and thanks in advance for your input!

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  1. I was in the catering industry for 10 years and was part of the different restaurant and catering organizations. Main ingredient always had a great reputation.

    1. i work with main ingredient for our weekly client yacht trips and they are perfect, reallly a delight to work with. if you call them i would suggest you ask for April, she does a great job. there food is great in two years we have yet to recieve anything but compliments