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Aug 3, 2007 08:40 AM

casual Sunday lunch in Ossining/White Plains?

Looking for a casual, roomy place (no cramped tables) for a decent girls' lunch out (just a few of us) on a Sunday. Mt. Kisco, Ossining, Pleasantville, down to White Plains are all OK. Any type of food, but someplace we can linger to chat preferred. Any suggestions? Has anyone been to the new Flying Pig on Lexington Ave?

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  1. I'll just reply to my own post. : )

    We wound up having lunch at B4 Bistro in Valhalla ( We arrived at 12:30, and it was totally empty save for a woman -- who may have been the hostess -- literally slumped over the bar. Her back was to us, and she didn't seem to hear us come in though we were only a couple of feet away. Once we got her attention, she dragged herself off the bar stool and found a waiter. (Thankfully, she was not serving us!


    Once that weirdness was out of the way, we had an attentive waiter and the restaurant is small but lovely -- dark wood, light walls, very simple. We both had burgers, which were cooked as requested and were flavorful and juicy, if a bit salty. They're generously sized and served on a Portuguese roll, with sliced tomato and red onion on the side. All burgers come with fries and a small green salad. The fries were excellent, fresh and crispy and sprinkled liberally with salt and coarse black pepper. The salad was light dressed and very fresh as well. The burgers were $11 apiece.

    They have an extensive burger menu, plus a variety of appetizers, salads, wraps, and breakfast served until 4. I would definitely return for lunch, and also to try their dinner menu.

    No other customers arrived during our stay, so I'm wondering how much lunch business they ever get on the weekend...

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      I really enjoy my lunch also at B4, sorry I didn't see this post or I would of replied to it. It wasn't very busy either when I was there during a weekday lunch but I hear they get crowded for dinner. BTW, they make a good Pomegranate martini there.

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        We went to B4 Bistro twice in the last week. I want to love this place, because it's really very nice and the menu is right up my alley, but after two trips I'm still undecided. The burgers-- based on 4 different people's opinions (mine included)-- are completely lackluster. I had a "keep it simple burger" my first visit, and found it crusty on the outside and overly salty and pretty dry on the inside. It was cooked to medium, but there was no juice. The fries, on the other hand, were delicious and well seasoned. My boyfriend tried the tuna burger (he liked it a lot-- I thought it, like my beef burger, was kind of bland, although the wasabi mayo helped out on that end) and the turkey burger (like my beef burger, hard and crusty on the outside and dry on the inside). Our first trip, our other two friends ordered burgers too and had similar complaints-- one was overcooked, the other salty.

        Forgivable, I guess, though barely, especially since the Times review from a year or two back raved about the burgers, and they have about 15 different choices which seems to suggest this is a specialty. Burgers aside, we did have some hits on both nights. The pulled pork nachos (special) were gooey and flavorful, and the homemade guac served with them and some other dishes is also great. I ordered the chicken chimichangas (appetizer) and goat cheese wonton salad for my main dish last night. The chimichangas, 4 pieces served with that great guac, were good, but the real star was the lightly battered goat cheese served on the salad. Unbelievably good. Our friends last night ordered two specials, the meat loaf and the swordfish, which they raved about-- the meat loaf was moist and well seasoned, and the swordfish tasted ok to me (I'd never tasted it before) but our friend LOVED it.

        It's not cheap, but you definitely can't fault them on portion size. You're not paying $24 for a tiny piece of swordfish-- it is a huge steak. Same with the meatloaf, burgers ($11), etc. The website is misleading, though-- their sandwiches are NOT an option for dinner. Some desserts are inexcusably expensive, but I had to see what a $9 brownie sundae tasted like. Served in a martini glass, it, like the entrees, was enormous, delicious, but worth $9? Nuh uh.

        I think I'd go back, though. I love the atmosphere and I really have hope for the menu. I think it's a matter of picking judiciously and avoiding those burgers. Maybe I'll try lunch next time.

        B4 Bistro
        4 Broadway, Valhalla, NY 10595