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Aug 3, 2007 08:04 AM

Breakfast on the Cape with kids?

We will be staying in Harwich next week and our favorite meal to go out for is breakfast (also the really only do-able one with a 1- and 3-year old). Last time we were there I was underwhelmed by Bonatt's although shocked at the cost, so I'm looking for something new. Any recommendations?

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      1. re: okra

        But get there early - they had a 45 minute wait at 10:30 last saturday...not too fun for kids I'd imagine.

        We opted not to wait and ended up at a great bakery/cafe at the intersection of 6A and 28. Can't remember the name but the baked goods and omelet sandwiches were wonderful. Constant flow of people the entire time we were there - many picking up breads, pies, etc.

      2. Brewster Coffee Shop on 6A. Im a Cape native and worked there for years.

        1. Grumpy's on 6A in East Dennis is busy but spead out enough to work for toddlers -- and CH do not have to make any unnecessary compromises. Very solid scrambles, muffin varieties, waffles,etc.