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Aug 3, 2007 07:46 AM

Where to buy pork belly in the Triangle

Have a couple of prok beely based dishes I'd like to try but I don't know where to go to buy it. I remember seeing it at Grand Asia market in Cary but are there any other places, preferably closer to me in Chapel Hill or Durham?

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  1. Ask Cliff. I'm sure he can get it.

    1. I've bought it at Compare Foods.

      1. I believe that Cane Creek Farms sells belly. GIve them a call and see about picking up an order at the Carrboro Farmer's Market.

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        1. re: Tom from Raleigh

          I've bought it at compare and at Food World in Durham. Compare sells it sliced pretty much all the time, but sometimes they are out of the whole belly. I have foodworld cut it to the size I need. They are very helpful.

          1. re: chops

            Thanks everyone. I'll try Compare first since it's near Duke-- and I can hit Los Comales for some tacos while I'm at it.

        2. The Korean market next to Vit Goal Tofu at the intersection of 54 and 55 almost always has it. Look in the freezer section, they keep a lot of their meats frozen.

          1. Any decent-sized asian grocery store (Chinese, Korean) has pork belly, usually sliced.