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Aug 3, 2007 06:26 AM

Andro's Sweets and Treats bread pudding

Andro's Sweets and Treats opened up at 21st and Pine a few weeks ago, by the former owner of Andro's in Reading Terminal. Their bread pudding is phenomenal. Finally a true custardy bread pudding to rival those in New Orleans! We've tried the apple cinnamon and have one of the strawberry cheesecake bread puddings at home for tonight! Quite reasonably priced too, at I believe $3.75 each.

They also do homemade breakfast pastries, like great fruit croissants with a thin layer of cheese and nut bars with caramel over shortbread crust. We haven't tried the gorgeous brioches yet. The fancier desserts are not homemade. They also have Basset's ice cream and Leonidas Belgian Chocolates (probably my least favorite Belgian chocolate).

Full discolosure: owners live on our street, but we've never officially met. Thank you.

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  1. Great to hear they are still around! Enjoyed some of their RTM offerings!

    1. Thanks for the bread pudding recommendation! I live a block away and picked some up on Friday night and it was great. Full of big chunks of apples and a bit of caramel. It was large and rich enough to get 4 servings out of it (accompanied by vanilla ice cream). I have also tried their baguette which was quite good, but a little too thick and crispy on the crust. I did buy it late in the day though, which may have affected its quality.

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        Hmmm, I would say 2 servings without ice cream but that is a JugglerDave-sized serving (one serving for dessert in the evening, the rest for breakfast).

        The strawberry cheesecake flavor was very good as well, though moving away from traditional bread pudding into its own category of dessert.

        I'm trying to figure out if it's wrong to have one of these each week...