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Aug 3, 2007 05:27 AM

Using a grill for other things...

Hi all!
Yesterday it was quite hot here in Chicago. Yet I had a taste for lasagna...

Nothing special... I made the pasta from scratch, but all else is typical. Alternated bechemal and red sauces, ricotta, spinach and Italian sausage.

But, instead of baking it in my oven, I threw it on my Weber...

Indirect heat, one burner off, two on low, gave me 375 degrees... covered it for 30 minutes, then uncovered for 10 more.

Was good! So, was wondering, does anybody else use their grills like this? Any hints or recipes?

See my lasagna here: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1335/9...


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  1. i love using my grill like that! i make fruit crisps or cobblers and gratins on it all the time. my most successful venture was a casserole of layers of purple potatoes, sundried tomatoes, lots of goat cheese, sweet onions, summer squash, and basil. you just treat it like it's going in the oven, it works out fine, and then you also have a nice smoky taste (and you can have baked things without having heat stroke in your kitchen).

    1. All the time especially when I'm already grilling something else and it seems pointless to also fire up the oven.

      One thing that I have found works REALLY well is frozen french fries. I put them in the grill basket that I would ordinarily use for veggies, toss with a little bit of olive oil and put them over a med-low burner. They get nice and crispy with a little bit of carmelization.

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        That's something I must try!

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            Right out of the bag an onto the grill. Just keep an eye on them to make sure they don't get too burnt.

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            What a great idea! I often have company for dinner, and lots of times the younger kids love fries with dinner. Hate to put on the oven when it is too hot, and I cook almost everything on the grill int he summer. Love the idea. I am having my young niece and nephew for dinner on Thursday, and was wondering what starch to serve with grilled shrimp and chicken. Had rice on the menu- but I think I will keep the rice, and add the fries for the kids. Thanks for the inspiration!

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              Jzerocsk you totally rock.
              My 73 year old mom has been in the hospital the last week and finally home. I spent the day with her today (7 AM - 6PM)...
              Anyway, it's scorching hot today and I had to come home and make a quick dinner for the S/O around 8.
              Mom took a nap and I stepped out to the grocery store across the street and picked up some thin cut pork chops, fresh green beans and some fries!
              Very good! The partner likes them crispy!


              Thanks for the tip!


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                Glad you liked! I finally feel like I have contributed something worthwhile to CH now. :-)

            2. My last apartment had a garden so I was able to enjoy grilling out then - oh I miss it now. One thing I really loved making was a grilled Caesar salad. Take whole romaine hearts - brushed with a little bit of oil - and place directly on the grate, turning every couple minutes. The romaine should get a little brown and wilted but not too much. Chop the leaves and mix with Caesar dressing, croutons and shaved parmesean cheese. The warm lettuce melts the parmesean and it is delicious.

              1. Yes! Hubby refuses to turn on the oven his time of year, so anything "baked" is done on the grill. Baked pasta, friut crisp, even a pineapple upsidedown cake.

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                  Skillet cornbread bakes wonderfully on my grill. Same basic setup as Delk used.

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                    When was that last great power outage in the Great Lakes area? Anyway, after taking food handling courses, I knew, first off, to keep my fridge and freezer closed as much as possible. I checked the ground meat and sausage and found that they was thawing, so I cooked it all and used it. I had egg and sausage sandwiches for breakfast, as well as hot coffee ( it just took heating the water in small saucepan) I can't remember the rest of the meals, but I know I made a fruit dessert and some bisuits. I do remember that I used the opportunity to try different things cooked using the tools I had at hand. I was lucky enough to be without power less than many others, but I suffered no lacks, and enjoyed cooked meals prepared outside on my little propane BBQ, on my little apartment balcony. All those people who did without, because they lacked the imagination!


                  2. Sliced potatoes with onion, a bit of olive oil, S&P turn out really well - stir them once in a while.

                    Do NOT give in to the temptation to cook bacon on the grill. Trust me.

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                      Unless you put it in a cast iron skillet.

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                        Yeah. I thought I'd try it directly on the grill. Big mistake: turned my back for a minute and all of a sudden there were 8-foot flames roaring out of the grill. Pretty scary, and the worst part is it ruined the bacon....