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Aug 3, 2007 05:04 AM

Worst menu translation ever?

Some of the comments to the blog explain how these extreme manglings may have occurred.

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  1. Funny site. Thanks.
    Our local Vietnamese restaurant hired a translation service to put their items in Spanish as well as English, Chinese, and Vietnamese. They need to get their money back. There are numerous bizarre Spanish mistakes, and this one comes to mind:
    "well-done steak" = "bistec pozo hecho."

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      They must have been cheap and used a web translator. I don't speak Spanish, so I just translated "bistec pozo hecho" at and the result was "steak well done". Guess you get what you pay for!

    2. A joke amongst my friends is that a Chinese restaurant is not good unless there are some mistakes on the menu.

      1. many years ago my (ex) husband and I went to a newly opened Indian restaurant in north London.

        the menu was so badly worded and the spellings so funny we cried with laughter thoughout the meal, chicken was kitchen a number of times, peppers were pippers, sauce was source, and the descriptions were hilarious with badly worded flowery English along the lines of flavered with garam masala the king of spices which reaches your nose with glee.
        There was hardly a dish without a spelling mistake or malapropism. I don't think I have laughed so hard. I wonder why they didnt have somebody English just run over the menu before it went to the printers.

        1. Sometimes local words can also be funny. Once in Haryana state in India, we were asking--as usual--about local rice varieties. A farmer mentioned what turned out to be a rather widespread and known variety: farmbuggery.

          1. I once saw a menu describe hummus as chick "pee" dip. Yummy...

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              I saw on a menu, a conflict of duck.