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Aug 3, 2007 04:24 AM

Recommendations for Quebec City?

My boyfriend and I will be visting from NYC sans kids for 5 days and will be in a B&B. We would like to soak up the atomosphere and flavor of Canada and Old Quebec in that short time. We look forward to sitting in an outdoor cafe watching people stroll by, having a lovely cafe au lait, enjoying as many sights as possible...slowly. We are also planning a one day trip to Ile de Orlean. We appreciate any suggestions offered.

Pauline & Ron

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  1. I haven't been in years, and I understand they are in a new location (still in Basse Village, but near the water), but my favorite spot was Le Cafe Due Monde. Simple bistro style food, with a nice selection of wine and beer. Also, mussels and frites, several different ways--must have while you are there. Great place to spend a few hours.

    We also ate at Laurie Raphael, which was excellent (and at the time, cheap, at $1.65CDN to the dollar, but maybe not so much today) High end dinner place, also on the outer fringes of the Basse Village.

    1. We were there last year and had a great time. I would highly recommend the restaurant at Le Chateau Bonne Entente just a short ways out of the city. It would be an amazing experience for you from start to finish and a beautiful setting as well. They are quite welcoming to well behaved children. We ate Laurie Raphael, too. It was in no way cheap ( even factoring in CDN). Additionally, I don't know if it would be of an interest to 5 kids.

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        He should be OK..."sans 5 kids" is without, not with...:-)

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 kids for 5 days.
          We have 4 kids between us.

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            I was just there in June. If you are looking for a truly fine dinner in a gorgeous dining room overlooking the St. Lawrence River, reserve a table at Le Champlain in the Chateau Frontenac. The hotel's exec chef, Jean Soulard, is a Frenchman who emigrated to French Canada and has brought an Old World quality to the best hotel in New France. Panache in the Auberge St.-Antoine in the Old City is outstanding. The chef, Francois Blais, is one of Canada's most talented. For a light meal or first-rate pastries, try the Cafe-Boulangerie Paillard. These don't necessarily provide the sidewalk cafe atmosphere, but the food is first-rate -- and if your weather is like mine was in late June, it's as likely to be windy and/or rainy as not. (The city is still gorgeous.) If you are looking for preserves, maple syrup, ice wine, etc. to bring home, go to the farmers' market near the river. If you go to Montmorency Falls, enjoy the falls but don't waste a meal by eating there. The restaurant has a partial view of the falls and extremely mundane and uninpsired food.

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            I misread the post. Thanx for the correction...I still think L.R was expensive for what it was...and a bit overrated.

        2. Here is a link with a post from me about our recent Quebec City trip, including Ile d'Orleans. You will love it!

          The word on Cafe du Monde (right next to the cruise ship dock) is that the view is great, the food so-so. In that neighborhood I say Toast!, hands down.

          Depending on how long you linger and how many places you visit on Ile d'Orleans, consider driving up to Baie-St-Paul, about an hour further north, very cute town!

          1. Quebec is my favorite city to visit, one of the places where i had a total "movie moment" was at the Pape George, it's a wine bar with a low beamed ceiling tucked away at 8 Rue Cul de Sac in Quartier Petit-Champlain, (418) 692-1320.
            They have great wines either by the glass or by the bottle, yummy Tapas type food, good music. Sit outside on their little terrasse late at night and enjoy yourself.

            If you want an amazing tasting menu filled with the best of what the Quebecois have to offer go to L'Initiale. It was around before Laurie Raphael and IMHO is better. Same style of cuisine and ambiance.

            Wish i was the one planning this trip, you lucky people.

            Restaurant L'Initiale
            54 Rue St-Pierre, Terrebonne, QC J6W, CA

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              I have to agree with the above in that L'Initiale for a meal you won't soon forget. We were fortunate to stumble upon the place about 5 years ago and I still say it is one of my top 5 meals ever. If you go, definitely have the tasting menu and wines - well worth it.
              And the owners are such lovely people. I too am very jealous!!!!

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                I wish I'd known about Pape George -- sounds great! We also found a wonderful little wine bar with tapas on our recent trip there: Le Moine Echanson, at 484 rue St. Jean outside the walls. Nice young couple run the place and evidently change the chalk-board menu often, moving around the world with food themes. Can't wait to go back there. Local street scene and not so touristy as in the old city. It's nearby the Choco Musee which is a necessary stop when in Quebec.

                THE place to go for cafe au lait and croissants is Chez Temporel on Couilliard St., a crooked little street tucked away off the main drag in the old city. Sitting there (or shall I say meditating?) at that simple but timeless spot, you commune with the spirit of all the great cafes that have ever existed in world.

              2. Thank you everyone for your responses. The links were especially helpful. After reading about Restaurant L'Initial Inc. I found this site: