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Aug 3, 2007 03:07 AM

Islamic restaurants ???

Please recommend Islamic restaurants in SGV or any other areas for an out-of-town visitor. Thanks.

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    1. re: pikawicca

      Can't people who eat Halal also eat at kosher restaurants? I don't know the laws of Halal.

      1. re: SIMIHOUND

        Halal just means that the meat was slaughtered in a certain way so yes, Kosher meat would suffice. No pork, obviously. But that's where the similarity ends. Shellfish and meat/dairy combinations are fine.

        A lot of Indian, Mediterranean, Persian and certain Chinese places are halal. Alternatively, all vegetarian dishes or seafood dishes (barring those including pork products) can be classed as halal.

        1. re: hrhboo

          most halal eaters in this day and age won't, for political reasons, go to kosher restaurants although
          the latter have stricter but similar codes.

          i wouldn't say that there are many medit., persian, or chinese places that are halal. a few exist.

    2. I believe the only Chinese Islamic restaurant in the SGV still open is China Islamic on Garvey Ave. in Rosemead (between New and Del Mar). It's quite tasty.

      I don't know about halal non-Chinese places. There's Wahib's Lebanese in Alhambra, but I don't know if they use halal meat -- but it doesn't matter as their mezze are what to go for, and none of those include meat.

      1. Jasmine Asian Food in Culver City is halal. It's a small market with some tables and not much atmosphere (but the people who work there are very friendly). When you look at the picture menu posted on the wall, the items on the bottom are Burmese (and delicious). I haven't tried the other things.

        I also think Al Watan, a Pakastani restaurant, is halal. I'm not sure whether Al-Noor the other Pakastani place in Hawthorne I've been to is.

        Al Watan
        13619 Inglewood Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250

        Jasmine Market and Deli
        4135 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

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          1. re: Joe Blowe

            Useful list! There are many more options (and familiar places) than I would have thought.

        1. Wahib's Middle East Restaurant in Alhambra (Lebanese)


          It's listed on the site as halal.

          Middle East Restaurant
          910 E Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801

          1. I really enjoy the food at Tawakkal Halal. It is very authentic Pakistani, the owner Abdul is Afghani but lived in Karachi and still has family there. No decor, it is in transition from a halal meat market and small grocery to a restaurant but the food and warm hospitality make it worthwhile!