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Aug 3, 2007 02:57 AM

El Dorado Hills (Sacramento area) restaurants?

I'd love to hear your suggestions about great places, of all types, to eat out in the El Dorado Hills area? Also any Farmers Markets or ethnic markets you might recommend. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Whatever happened to Masque? Great start, but you don't hear much about it. Is it still open?

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    1. re: SteveTimko

      Sure it's still open. Change in ownership I think, but still great.

      We like Bidwell Street Bistro in Folsom.

      1. re: PeterL

        Ethnic in EDH? HAHAHAHA! EDH is the whitest place in the USA. Suburb city.

        1. re: bennyboy1

          LOL! What, Taco Bell isn't Mexican?

          My advice: drive downhill - Folsom has a lot more choices (i.e. Bidwell St. Bistro), and if you want Ethnic, you'll have to slide all the way to Sacramento (or at least Citrus Heights/Orangevale) before you start getting a real choice.

          1. re: salutlemonde

            Here is a thread about Folsom:


            I gotta say that Ballies is pretty good too.

            The Gold Miner is closed. (BUMMER!
            )Lanza's on Sutter Street is really good too.

            Masque is great even with the chef changes.

            If you want to ahve a fun time I might suggest driving to Poor Red's. In the town of El Dorado, about 15 miles east of EDH.

            If you do though, do not go for the food only. have a FEW Gold Cadillacs first. The food gets better with every drink you have. No drinks, no food..

            1. re: bennyboy1

              And on thursday eves there is a farmers market on Sutter Street in Folsom as part of the Thursday Night market.

              1. re: bennyboy1

                The Gold Miner Cafe on is open again under new management.

                El Dorado Hills has 2 certified farmer's markets - one on Thursdays and the other on Sundays.

      2. We went to the Redbud Cafe--great food! We were visiting a friend in Cameron Park, so I think its around there--its off the freeway...