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Aug 3, 2007 02:53 AM

Best restaurants in DeLand or Volusia

I'd love to hear about your choices for all kinds of food offered by restaurants in DeLand or Volusia County. Everything from pizza to Cuban to Chinese/Vietnamese to German to BBQ ... you get the idea. Also if there are any great ethnic markets, I'd love to hear about them. And if you know of any great Farmers Markets, I'd appreciate that too. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Theres a good Mexican Restaurant on the main drag through Deland. I forget the name. But if you search this board for Best Mexican, I'm sure you'll find it.

    1. Go north 10 miles or so up near Pierson? There is a little BBQ joint on the side of the road. Great ribs.

      1. I've done a thread or two like this but it bears updating.
        The Flea Market (I-95 and US 92) was rated one of the top 10 or so in the country, and I love their farmer's market. I basically just go for the tomatoes and strawberries, but there are lots of deals, esp some great $1 bag choices. Open Fri-Sunday. I have NOT heard good things about the one at City Island but I've never been myself.

        Pizza: Pete's Pizza, in the shopping center at northeast corner of Beville and Nova, just at the Daytona Beach/South Daytona border. Everything there's fantastic, from the slices to the zeppolis to the subs. DH is a fan of Giuseppe's Steel City (Nova and Herbert, Port Orange, across from Booth's Bowery) but I think their pie is way too bready. Lots of cheese though. Pizzano's in Ormond has huge thick greasy slices, almost too much for me, but great garlic knots.

        Cuban: Run, don't walk, to Havana Cuba in DeLand, on Woodland just north of Rich, on the west side of the street across from Firehouse Subs I believe. Susie and Juan run a fantastic little place, with all the food cooked in the back with love by Juan and served by family. If there's something special you want that isnt' on the menu they can probably accommodate you. Very casual and cheap, lots of courthouse crowd but I've always found a seat. Oh, and they have someone drive up from Miami every week or so and bring a supply of Materva -- the only place I can find it around here. Closed Sundays (like most of downtown DeLand) and only open for dinner some of the week. Go for lunch. I've also heard Malanga's or Malengo's by the DeLand airport is good, but haven't been.

        Chinese/Vietnamese: Leahns on Beville Road, between Nova and Ridgewood in S. Daytona.

        For Mexican, I love La Fiesta, Nova and Dunlawton in Port Orange. Extremely friendly service, extremely potent and delicious margaritas. Not the most authentic but I've always been happy. Others also love Maria Bonita, on Ridgewood in South Daytona, but I don't cheat on my favorite place, lol. For crazy authentic, go to Las Marias, Ridgewood and about 8th st or so in Holly Hill. I haven't been but our food editor really liked it.

        BBQ: Can I confess I love Woody's ribs? Ah well. DH tried Heavenly BBQ, Dunlawton and Taylor Branch Road in Port Orange (across from SuperTarget) and said it was more hellish than heavenly. There's a newish place in Daytona Beach Shores called Luke's Rib Shack that I'm dying to try, haven't made it yet.

        There are lots of rec's on this board for Billy's Tap Room in Ormond, but note the dates on them. Restaurant changed ownership in May 2006, and I went for the first time afterwards and had a horrible meal. Haven't been back but caveat empty tummy and all that. . .

        Oh yeah, for fine dining, Martini's Chophouse (formerly Chops) in South Daytona can't be beat. Have a drink in the gorgeous back garden, too.

        That's all I can think of on deadline on a Friday morning. :-P Everyone else please jump in. Volusia has a lot mroe dining options than even a few years ago, with new ones popping up all the time.

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          Yeah and if you really want a good steak with a german punch, try emmy's time out tavern on old newyork avenue near the deland train station. This place is German! they have very authentic german food along with steaks and seafood. Their steaks are very good at a very good price. They also serve a roasted then grilled pork shank on a bed of sourkraut with greman potatoes that is ambushing!
          emmy is from germany!!
          They are only open Wed-Sun and call ahead to see what specials the have.

        2. I live in the Daytona Beach area and have struggled with the lack of restaurants (that are not chains) in the area. My all time favorite is the Spanish River Grill in New Smyrna Beach - the food is consistently delicious and the service staff is super friendly. Ask for Joe - he's always been helpful in suggesting a wine to compliment my meal. It's also family owned and I love that! Some of my favorites are the mussels, flat bread, and calamari - the best ever! Also, their bread pudding is to die for! I can honestly say that I have never had anything that wasn't wonderful. Their new restaurant, the Ocean Club, is also very good. Our first visit wasn't great - they had just opened - but because they offer a full bar we gave it another shot. There is a pasta dish that was wonderful!

          I haven't been to Pete's Pizza in ages, but I remember that reminding me of the pizza in New York. You may want to try the Italian Village for pizza and casual Italian. The food is very good, but the service has always been dreadful. I don't think we've ever had a pleasant waitress...ever!

          I also love La Fiesta and Maria Bonita for Mexican. Super friendly staff.

          I use chowhound all the time when I travel, but I've never thought to check out my hometown.

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            Where is Italian Village?
            My new favorite Italian place is 100% Italian, in Port Orange on Dunlawton Avenue just east of I-95, in the Panera plaza in front of SuperTarget. Still pretty new, staff needs to work out some kinks, and hard to get a seat at prime times (very small), but you wanna talk about to-die-for calamari, I nearly did die. They have crazy pizza -- mashed potato, lobster-bisque-and-spinach -- and I didn't get to try them, but their sandwiches are good, as are their pasta dishes.

            I've heard consistently wonderful things about Spanish River Grill, just don't make it down there very often. I will try harder. :-)

            Went to Our Deck Down Under for a second time -- I've been recommending this place because of others I knew and trusted -- and I won't go back. (It's on the southeast side of the Dunlawton Bridge in Daytona Beach Shores.) First of all, it's all outdoors -- even inside, the doors are open. So do not go there in August under any circumstances.

            Second, it's counter service, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when and how you get your food. They take your name and then sort of guess where you are, and since that royally screws with tips no one's motivated to keep your drink refilled. (See #1 re: how darned hot it is there.)

            Third, I think it's overpriced. For fried fish sandwich, a dozen oysters and chicken fingers, one beer and 2 soft drinks, we paid upwards of $35. Not worth it in my book. DH loved the oysters, but they're not cooked! So I am tasked with finding a new raw bar for him -- Pirates Cove across the street (on the beach) looks inviting.

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              Remind me to tell you sometime about my recent conversion to cold water oysters . . . DH might want to rethink things, at least between May and Sept.


              1. re: Bob Mervine

                So Bob, what about the cold water oysters? I'm planning a run to Lee & Rick's, but am waiting to that magical two week period we call winter :)

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                The Italian Village is in the Publix shopping center Beville and Clyde Morris. Good casual Italian, but do not expect the servers to be friendly...and the wine is atrocious!

                I had the eggplant Parm sandwich from 100% Italian and the sauce was excellent! I would ask for a side of sauce next time. I am THRILLED to hear that they deliver. We don't get many non chain restaurants that deliver and boy do I love a good pizza when I don't feel like cooking!

                Deck Down Under usually has good fresh fish, but it is a bit over priced $13 for a couple pieces of fish, 2 Tbs. cole slaw and rice. It is a good place to take family visiting from anywhere North of Florida - it has a pretty good view for Daytona. When I go out for dinner whether it’s for a fish sandwich or foie gras I do not want to stand in line for food...

                Please do try Spanish River's FABULOUS!

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                  Another vote for Spanish River Grill. In DeLand, the Thai place on Woodland Blvd next to firehouse subs (used to be Mr. Phad Thai) is under new management in the last year and is excellent. Emmy's is especially good when they have German day, this coming Sunday the 19th is this month's. Havana Cuba is good, better at dinner than lunch usually. A fun place to go for a burger is skydive Deland, the skydivers land right next to the dinning area. Mi Mexico, also in DeLand, has an excellent chile verde and good beans, not so crazy about other items. Sunrise fish camp is great for crabs only, call ahead to be sure they have them.