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Aug 3, 2007 02:50 AM


I really want to try Coupage but would like some suggestions on what to get. Is the beef platter as delicious as it sounds? What about the chicken liver fried rice? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    1. The general consensus is that coupage has gone downhill significantly since the chef and owner split ways a few months ago and they removed several things from the menu (including the chef's salad :( ). If you do happen to go, let us know if it is better again.

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      1. re: eternalX

        I only went after the switch, so I can't compare. The beef platter was good/interesting. It comes with no side dishes. We ordered the mac and cheese and it was a little bland. The table next to us ordered a salad which was severely underdressed. Didn't try the rice.

      2. I went after the switch (like DAYS after) and god, I hope it had already gone downhill, or I'm done trusting chowhounds. The beef platter was nice, but the service and most everything else was abominable.

        Would reccomend taking your dining dollars someplace better...

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          Yea, it must've been because as I went a few weeks before the switch and had one of the best meals of my life there. Was so sad to hear about the fall.

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            looking forward to Rachel Yang/Seif Chirchi Reloaded...

        2. I'd gone for dinner three times before the switch and it was fantastic every time. The burger is a must have. Unfortunately the salad and the creamed swiss chard with chinese sausage are off the menu. The beef platter was good, but not fantastic.

          I've been only once, for brunch, post switch. the quality of the food and the service were nowhere near what we experienced before.