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Aug 3, 2007 12:36 AM

Bayona and Upperline Insider

This guy has some pretty good videos about new oreans restaurants:

i never met either owner, but i found out i like both of them - it'll make the food taste better next time.

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  1. IMHO two of the most over-rated places in town.

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    1. re: paz5559

      Never been to Upperline but, Bayona is one of our favorites. Not overrated at all. Nice video. Thanks ikwim.

      1. re: paz5559

        I admit upperline is a bit overrated... but please give examples of why you think Bayona is. I go there often, and have never had a mediocre or inconsistent dish. Susan knows about that "magic word consistency" better than anyone else in town.

        1. re: iknowwhatitmeans

          I would have to second that I think both of these places are overrated. When I was in college, my boyfriend took me to Bayona for our anniversary (this was in 2005) and we had a three-and-a-half-hour dinner where the servers ignored us and our requests for more bread, more water, more everything (after waiting on food with no explanation for so long, we almost walked out--and perhaps we should have) were all ignored. The table next to us of six fifty-something attorneys was well-taken care of, and they got in and out of that restaurant before we had our food. It was a nightmare, and quite unexpected, because as young people we usually get decent service at other places we frequent around town. When the food finally came, it honestly wasn't mind-blowing. Good, but not spectacular.

          Went to Upperline for a friend's birthday party before the storm, and everyone seemed underwhelmed by their dishes, except me. The duck was really great! If that's what this restaurant is riding on, plus its quirkiness, I would question it.

          1. re: kmnola

            Thats a shame. Did you ever give them another chance? Sorry you had a bad night... I've had nothing but good ones. Where do You go for consistent fine dining?

            1. re: iknowwhatitmeans

              I have yet to give them another chance, but I would really love to go again. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the food; I just don't think (especially after that) that it's super-amazing.

              I have had nothing but perfection each time I've been to K-Paul's (a favorite, though, so I may be biased). There are sooo many others I like that it's difficult to say which ones are consistent--we don't repeat too often! Nola has always been good. Same with Mr. B's, and we actually also enjoy good service every time at Vincent's on St. Charles. We also enjoy chicken and veal parmigiana.

              1. re: kmnola

                I have yet to hear of anyone having a bad meal at K-Pauls. That place is a fine tuned machine. We'll be trying out Vincent's for the 1st time next week, any other suggestions on what to get? Thanks

                1. re: iknowwhatitmeans

                  Basically anything with a red sauce--the chicken parmigiana is excellent if you're into that, but Tom Fitzmorris has also given a lot of love to their dishes with a New Orleans flavor or background, specifically the seafood (if I remember correctly!). My boyfriend likes the veal parm as well. I'm not much of a seafood person, and I LOVE tomatoes; I can honestly say this is my favorite chick parm in the United States, and it's mostly because of the sauce. And yes, you're right about the "finely tuned machine." It's always good to go back to a restaurant that is so warm and satisfying and that never misses a beat.

                2. re: kmnola

                  I am sorry, but talk about overrated... if NOLA was not owned by Emeril it would have been out of business long ago. Vincent's is good neighborhood Italian, but nothing high end. At least give me Tommy's, Mosca's or Irene's if you are going high end Italian. Mr. B's is OK but nothing special. K-Pauls is phenomenal, but your other three to compare to Bayona are real head-scratchers.

                  1. re: mikek

                    I'm not necessarily comparing these places to Bayona--I'm giving my opinion here on places that I feel are consistently good in terms of service and food. Neighborhood restaurants deserve praise just as much as our high-end places do. Furthermore, it's not fair to compare such different restaurants in this city as if they were on an equal playing field, because they aren't. That's part of what New Orleans is; where else can you find such an endearing mix of neighborhood restaurants and world-class cuisine, with so many flavors and cultures for us to enjoy?

                    Mosca's has been on my list for a long time, but I've never made it. I've eaten at Irene's once and became so ill afterward that I doubt I will ever give it a second chance.

                    Sorry if you misunderstood what I was trying to say, or if you took my insignificant thoughts as the end-all-be-all of New Orleans cuisine. Just sharing my feelings on a few things I love.

        2. I'm finally returning to New Orleans for vacation (8th visit - first post Katrina)
          Bayona is one of my favorite's period - love the sweetbreads. I sent a letter to Susan Spicer commending the food and service - she took the time to send me a personal handwritten reply. I have not been to Upperline - but am planning on going when I return in October - especially after seeing the videos.

          1. I love the Upperline and the last time I dined there, all 4 diners thoroughly enjoyed their meals. I can't get away from the Cane River Country Shrimp dish. Delicious. I had a very good oyster app, but I can't recall exactly how it was prepared.