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Aug 3, 2007 12:26 AM

Columbus to the Shore - Leg 5 of Cross Country

Ohio and Pennsylvania Hounds-

My husband and I are moving back to New York from Los Angeles, and are driving out mid August.

We are looking for the chow worthy, with the following caveats:

1- must be within fifteen minutes of the highway - 70E to the turnpike, through Philly and on to Long Beach Island, our destination.
2- must be able to get something satisfying for less than $12 for lunch, $15 for dinner (no alcohol)
3- no Mexican. Unless it is seriously earth shattering.
4- by the by, we will be traveling with our smallish dog. he will be fine chilling in the car after dark, but I certainly don't want to leave him waiting in the car during daylight. lunch should be fast service, take outable, or al fresco.

I may also be able to fit my electric cooler in the car - if there is a certain product I can only get in the area (with above caveats) and that can live in a cooler traveling cross country, let me know.

I promise to report back with pictures and google places!

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  1. I haven't been in years, but the Evergreen Dairy Bar is like a drive up that is on Route 70 in Medford. I drive by there every weekend on the way to LBI, and it's always crowded.
    There is parking underneath the overhead of the building; would help to keep your dog cool. It is right on 70, on the westbound side, past the intersection of 70/541. You will drive right by it on your way to the shore. LBI is about 40 minutes east of the Dairy Bar, fyi.
    A few miles west of the dairy bar, about 2 miles east of the 70/73 Marlton Circle is the Dutch Wagon Market, which is only open Fri & Sat. This is a primarily Amish market where they sell all types of prepared foods. Their roast chickens and ribs are particularly good. Also, dutch made salads, bakery items, etc. The chickens are worth stopping for! I think they may have a table or 2 if you want to eat outside.