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Aug 3, 2007 12:21 AM

Amarillo to St. Louis - Leg 3 of Cross Country

Teaxs 'Hounds-

My husband and I are moving back to New York from Los Angeles, and are driving out mid August.

We are looking for the chow worthy, with the following caveats:

1- must be within fifteen minutes of the highway - 40E to 44E.
2- must be able to get something satisfying for less than $12 for lunch, $15 for dinner (no alcohol)
3- no Mexican. Unless it is seriously earth shattering.
4- by the by, we will be traveling with our smallish dog. he will be fine chilling in the car after dark, but I certainly don't want to leave him waiting in the car during daylight. lunch should be fast service, take outable, or al fresco.

I may also be able to fit my electric cooler in the car - if there is a certain product I can only get in the area (with above caveats) and that can live in a cooler traveling cross country, let me know.

I promise to report back with pictures and google places!

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  1. Julie,

    Do you know approximate times you'll be in Amarillo?

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    1. re: MarcusB

      We will be starting this leg either in or east of Amarillo, depending on how far we get the night before. So I guess morning, and early afternoon.

      Also, we could do dinner in Amarillo on the late side the night before....

    2. Been giving this some thought. There is a burger place called the Coyote Bluff Café (2417 S. Grand, 11:00-2 & 5:00-10:00) that is just off of I-40 on the east side of town. Would be easy to get to as it is just a few blocks south on your side of the highway. Is not fast food and might be crowded somewhat but is different. Burgers are good, fries also. Half pound patties from $5.50 or so to maybe $7.00 depending on your choice. Green Chili Cheese, Spicy Tex Burger, Chili Burger that type stuff. Also have a few steaks on the menu if you are looking for a splurge. Parking lot is a bit stark with no shade, building does not look like much either. They do make take out orders so that could be an option with the dog. Is a good “local color” type place. Hope that helps.

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      1. re: SailorWes

        Sounds excellent, and we'll keep it on the list, thanks!!