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Aug 3, 2007 12:14 AM

Scottsdale to Amarillo - Leg 2 of Cross Country

SW 'Hounds-

My husband and I are moving back to New York from Los Angeles, and are driving out mid August.

We are looking for the chow worthy, with the following caveats:

1- must be within fifteen minutes of the highway - 17N to the 40E.
2- must be able to get something satisfying for less than $12 for lunch, $15 for dinner (no alcohol)
3- no Mexican. Unless it is seriously earth shattering.
4- by the by, we will be traveling with our smallish dog. he will be fine chilling in the car after dark, but I certainly don't want to leave him waiting in the car during daylight. lunch should be fast service, take outable, or al fresco.

I may also be able to fit my electric cooler in the car - if there is a certain product I can only get in the area (with above caveats) and that can live in a cooler traveling cross country, let me know.

I promise to report back with pictures and google places!

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    1. re: julietg

      Pldease provide more detail. Your header says Scottsdale to Amaraillo but you state I17 and 40E. Are you leaving from Scottdale in the morning? If so you can save time by travleing out Shea Blvd to the 87 to Payson. East out of Payson and up to Winslow. This router may generate some different suggesgtions. If you head out of Scottsdale north on I17 to Flag then east on 40 then this could offer alternate suggestions.

      If you go north on I17 consider stopping at the Rock Springs Cafe ( for a heaty breakfast and get their yummy pie to go for a mid afternoon snack. This will get you through to Albuquerque if not further.

      Maybe this will get some folks thinking of options. I have to tell you we trek to North Texas via this route about once a year and I have sort of given up on eating road food. I pack my own - my stomach seems to appreaciate this consideration. If you have a cooler. Hit AJ's before leaving town and get a couple of sandwiches from the deli, a couple salads, some fruit and a few mini sweets for afternoon snack.


      1. re: Bazel

        Thanks so much for the suggestion. We are actually spending the night in North Scottsdale, right next to the Carefree Highway. So heading down to Shea would take 20 minutes...while the 17 is only a few minutes away.

        Would the Payton route provide a lot of alternatives?