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Aug 2, 2007 11:26 PM

SOS in Jersey City

I will be traveling to Jersey City on business, staying at the Hyatt on the Hudson. From my research, there are not a lot of great restaurant options and unfortunately, I don't think my boss will travel into the city to eat (he's not that into food besides your basic steak and potatoes). Is there anywhere decent to eat, looking for something that will be good for a group with different tastes. Please help!

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  1. I work right across from there. When will you be here, weekdays or weekends. A lot of places around here are closed on weekends but there is some variety around Pavonia/Newport which is three stops from where you will be by lightrail or a short cab ride or if you like to walk its not too bad of a walk.
    Let me know and I will try to give more suggestions.

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      I will be there on a week night. Thanks!

    2. I'm not too familiar with the restaurants in JC, but I used to live in Hoboken (5 minute cab ride from your hotel in JC) which has some GREAT restaurants. For a really nice dining experience in a beautiful townhouse, I recommend Amanda's. Other suggestions are Madison Bar & Grill, and Zafra (these are all good places to dine w/a boss). If you end up needing something more casual- La Isla has amazing Cuban food. All above mentioned should have websites with menus to look at.

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        Robin76 - I used to live in Hoboken too 939 Bloomfield Street. You?

        When I moved there, right after Noah got off the Ark, the restauarant choices were Helmer's, the Clam Broth House (several rooms from a working man's bar to a fancy-ish dining room, taking up a whole block along Newark Street), the Castle Point Restaurant (now something else and yuppified), the 24th Street Diner, a couple of greasy spoons near the PATH Station and Leo's Grandezvous. The Brass Rail was still only bar.

        And Jersey City was even more of a foodie wasteland. How things have changed!

      2. Definitely go to Hoboken! You'll find a ton of restaurants + it's nice for just walking around after dinner; far better than hanging out in a hotel room.

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          1. You will be very close to O'Connell's which would work for a group
            You can check out the menu here
            If you have a chance, I'd highly recommend Marco and Pepe
            but they are not suitable for a large group. There's no need to go to Hoboken, unless you want to.