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Aug 2, 2007 10:31 PM

Hot N Juicy Crawfish - Las Vegas - Review

Hot N Juicy Crawfish is worth it for the adventurous. Very, very, very messy and you have to work for your food by peeling your shrimp or crawfish. If you've ever been to a Maryland crabhouse where they hand you a mallet and leave you to your own devices, then you're ready for this. If you've never had your hands covered and dripping in sauce down to your elbows, then this won't be your scene.

We did not order the crawfish because we were told the head sucking was unsatisfying. We wanted a satisfying meal. We did order 1 lb of shrimp along with 1/2 dozen sausage in the mild garlic butter sauce to share.

I saw the crawfish come out in bags to other tables and it did not look like something I'd order on a future visit. The Dungeness crab, however, looked incredibly interesting.

The shrimp was hearty, plentiful, succulent, nasty, dirty, disgusting and OH SO GOOD. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have qualms about shrimp with eyes, legs, shells and antenna staring you in the face before you're about to bite right into it.

This is food as the Gods intended. Served whole and close to its original form, cooked in some mouth-watering sauce, sealed in a bag and thrown on your table for you to devour.

The sausage rivals any Argentinean sausage I've had which is the best, in my opinion, for its clean natural taste.

The sauce has to be the best part of the whole meal only rivaling the shrimp.
Even if you choose mild though, be aware this sauce is spicy enough to numb your lips. If you're very spicy, you may be able to try Medium. I don't want to know the human being who orders the Extra Spicy sauce in there. I'm raised on chile and hot peppers from birth and mild was plenty spicy for me.

You should wear a bib unless you want sauce all over you - no matter how dorky you think it looks. And go with someone fun who will enjoy the experience with you.

Total for two: $17.77 for 1 lb of shrimp ($8.99), cajun fries ($2.50), a soft drink* ($2.50) and 1/2 dozen sausage slices ($2.50).

*Bottled beer is also served both domestic and import.

Environment: open, airy, wood tables, some wall length booths, new/remodeled, stained and sealed concrete high gloss floor (always a hit with me since I despise carpet), paper towels and plastic tablecloths, utensils, and bibs, modern, contemporary/top 40ish R&B background music and CNN on mute (as it should be).

Service: greeted with warm smiles, sweet, ultra-attentive, tripping over themselves to make sure you are enjoying yourself. It was a refreshing service change from the casinos.

Hot N Juicy Crawfish
4810 Spring Mountain Road (at Decatur)
(702) 891-8889


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  1. Thanks for the report on the shrimp/crawfish. I love getting my hands (and arms) dirty every once in awhile for a good cause. This place will go on our "to try" list for our next visit to Vegas. I always enjoy reading your reports!

    1. Oooh, this sounds great. What a fabulous menu. My only complaint is the annoying music on the myspace page.

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      1. re: Dave Feldman

        This reply means you're coming with me next time you're in town.

        There's semi-annoying music in the restaurant, too. Luckily, it's subtle. If you're involved in conversation, I doubt you'd notice it.


      2. thank you for the recommendation! it was fantastic and messy and spicy, although i missed the important part of ordering mild. :P holy moley, that spicy kicked my butt. and as a caveat, there's definitely not a shortage of garlic in the sauces.

        in the off season (aug-jan?), the crawfish is 9.99. otherwise it's normally 8.99. they also mentioned they were going to start offering 1.50 beers soon.

        can't wait to return!

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        1. re: cervisiam

          Yep, there seem to be thousands of little bits of garlic in each bag of sauce -- gotta love it. I just had dinner there last night and it's great fun and a bargain to boot. I liked the shrimp very much but loved the sausage even more.