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Aug 2, 2007 09:25 PM

Dinner in the Boerum/Carroll/Cobble/Atlantic area

Parents are coming and I want to give them a feel for the neighborhood. I'm around Bergen and Bond/Hoyt.


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  1. Is the italian restaurant -- CANNOT think of name! -- at Carroll and Hoyt (down carroll from hoyt, across the bridge on the left side going towards third) still good? Italian food, Oh i know it, MONTE's.

    1. Not sure if care whether the restaurant is new or old-school, but I had a wonderful meal recently at Lunetta, 116 Smith St. (nr. Dean).

      1. Cafe la luc, bartabac, chestnut, saul, the grocery, frankie's 457, osaka

        1. Frankie's 457 would be great. Or how about Palo Santo?

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          1. re: bread for breakfast

            Second for Palo Santo. Great little place that hasn't let me down yet.

          2. I'm also on Bergen and Bond. Another option to the Smith St. places is to walk up to Atlantic Ave and go to Downtown Atlantic. It's consistently good and make sure to get some cupcakes to take home. It's on Atlantic between Hoyt and Bond.