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Aug 2, 2007 08:37 PM

Special-Occasion Restaurants in Portland

My wife and I are taking an impromptu trip to Portland this weekend would love some recommendations for a special occasion restaurant. It's her birthday and we'd like to go to a place with an exciting menu. (I realize we may not be able to get a reservation at this late date, but it's worth a try).

We're very adventurous eaters in terms of various world cuisines, but also love a fine Continental restaurant. Also, any recommendations for well-executed but modest bistros would be very welcome.

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    Le Pigeon
    Toro Bravo
    Clyde Common
    Park Kitchen
    Alberta St Oyster Bar


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    1. re: extramsg

      I love Carlyle. Had a very wonderful anniversary dinner there last year. What do you think of Filberts?

      1. re: bards4

        I've only been once, but I had a very good meal. Menu was perhaps a little boring, but everything was prepared well. It's nice inside, just don't sit next to the door.

      2. re: extramsg

        Be aware that if you ask for omakase at Hiroshi, instead of getting a tour of the restaurant's most original creations, they just give you the usual sushi. Avoid the young chef on the far right who handles all the omakases, he seems to have no culinary imagination whatsoever (or customer skills), instead sit on the left where the older chef can prepare you some more interesting dishes on and off the menu.