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Aug 2, 2007 08:01 PM

kebabs east end update and review

hi all,
just wanted to update with regard to a request i had earlier made for excellent kebabs.
decided to go with kostas at vp/warden as it was close to the 401 and i had some picky eaters.

i'll start with the service. walking into kostas doesn't look like much, other than a regular run of the mill greek butcher. i am not a stickler for good service nor do i expect much other than "here's your meat, pay at the till". i was immediately bombarded with people wanting to help me. it was a weird, but nice feeling. they answered all my questions with regard to the cuts of meat they used for the souvlaki in a patient if i wasn't annoying to them, you know?

now to the meat. the souvlaki is excellent. the chicken i personally do not like as i prefer thigh meat for kebabs rather than breast.....but for picky guests it was perfect. the beef as also good but needs to be cooked meduim (or rarer) to enjoy it. they also have a kebab made with ground lamb and beef, also good. the pork and lamb kebabs were my favorite. i believe the lamb is all leg cuts. the prices are slightly lower than the danforth. $1 for pork, and between $1.25-1.75 for chicken, lamb and beef.

the real reason to go to kostas is for the tzaziki. made in house, it is full of cucumber and insanely rich, not anything like the overspiced stuff you get on the danforth.

the other meat offerings are also good, i enjoyed the beef tenderloin and angus strips. they had whole lamb until recently but i think they may be out.

as i had a very unfortunate and disturbing incident with a butcher a while back (who will remain nameless), i had been weary of buying anything not cryo packaged and sealed for quite a while. so glad to have found this gem.

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  1. Great info, thanks. Based on info from the previous post on this topic I tried the lamb kakabs from Ella's butcher shop on Pape south of Danforth. The meat was actually rancid!!! Eeeeee..... should have known better, the place was empty on a Saturday.

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    1. re: KitchenVoodoo

      Harkenening back to my youth,I worked in a chain butcher shop cica 1975-77.
      Owner/Management practices in the drive for the bottom line remain unchanged to this day.
      Product that hit the floor put back into the foodstream.Unsanitary cleanups.Outdated, discolored ground beef mixed in with the fresh.Mystery "meatspread"made from all the deli endcuts,ground up and loaded with mayonnaise,salt and pepper to mask the main ingedients.Shall I go on?Sad but very true,I was there and being so young,too anxious/carefree/indifferent to voice a concern...

      1. re: KitchenVoodoo

        I've bought meat at Ella's a few times and it has never been bad. Did you send it back?

        Another good place to buy meat is "Greek House" which is just beside Ocean Treasures, and across the road from Mr. Greek.