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Aug 2, 2007 07:29 PM

How is the restaurant at El Capitan Canyon?

We will be staying a couple of nights at El Capitan Canyon (near Santa Barbara) and are wondering how the restaurant is. Also wondered if the store stocks produce and has chicken breasts.

Thank You!

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  1. Actually I'm heading there myself in a coupla weeks and also wondering about food at El Capitan and whether there are other good spots to try up along the Gaviota Coast... Looking forward to reading the responses!

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    1. re: rickiek

      I checked with El Capitan and they do not sell produce or chicken.

      It would be great to find out how the food is at their restaurant.

      Would it be worth it to drive some where off-site for dinner?

      1. re: rickiek

        There is nothing to eat along the Gaviota coast between Goleta and Buellton. I do not mean that metaphorically - there is just nothing out there.

      2. Hasn't anyone been to El Capitan?

        1. Hey, we are thinking of going there in november....curious to know how your experience was and what you did for food...

          many thanks.

          1. did you google the place? here is some feedback. it's one of those tent-cabin places. This part of the coast is blessedly remote, not developed.


            As Snackish states, there is no developement between the Santa Barabra/Goleta(where UCSB is) and El Capitan, or north between EC and Buellton, the next community along 101 to the north. It certainly would be "worth it" to drive a short distance to either populated area for dinner or wine tasting. It's beautiful country and this is a good time of year weather-wise to be outdoors.

            Bring your own food. If you are flying in, stop and get a styro food chest and do some shopping in SB. Locals can advise via the Calif board for best shopping spots.

            Have a nice stay! Note that the air may be smokey; while "contained" and a great deal distant, the Zaca fire continues to produce smoke and ash. (You can google that to get a report on fire info.)

            1. El Capitan is a great place to relax- the store there sells sandwiches, etc. The Saturday night concerts are AWESOME- and the bbq they cook is worth it. Either stock up in Buellton (to the North) or Goleta (to the South). The air quailty is superb- all the smoke is gone! If you are into hiking- El Capitan has a great Saturday hike on the Bill Wallace Trail- ask about Arroyo Hondo Ranch just up the road- neat place to roam.