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Aug 2, 2007 07:00 PM

What's on your rotation - part 2

I know we had a similar discussion about a year ago but the restaurant scene in SD is changing more rapidly recently and we have many new people on CH so that I thought it might be a good time for a second round of "what's on your rotation". We try to eat in many different restaurants (but also cook a lot) so that a restaurant which we visit twice a year is on our rotation.

The first three are currently on "heavy rotation" (at least one visit every month):

The Linkery
Café Chloe
Winesellar Brasserie
California Cuisine
Golden City
El Maguey
Punjabi Tandoor
Golden State Restaurant
Tropical Star
Thai Garden
Spice & Rice
Don Chuy
La Torta
Mediterranean Café
Bety’s Restaurant
Café Calabria
Rebecca’s Café
Mama Testa
Da Nino

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  1. I don't think our rotation is quite as large as yours but I will give it a shot:

    Cafe Chloe
    Good Time Charlies
    Bahia Don Bravo (LJ)
    Bully's East
    Taco Surf
    Sammy's Sushi
    Blue Water
    The pro shop/cafe at Sail Ho golf course
    Modus (although now that Nathan Coulon has left...)
    South Beach
    Mona Lisa (sandwiches)

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    1. re: jturtle

      Turtle, have you been to Modus since Nathan Coulon left? I was just wondering about that earlier this week and thinking it was time for a revisit. Maybe the desserts will get better ;-)

      1. re: DiningDiva

        I have not. We moved a few weeks ago from Mission Hills to Crown Point (not my choice but a whole other issue) and as it is no longer down the street and since he left it has been put on the back burner. We are going to try and stop by next week after work to see what is going on with the menu etc...
        Side note, went to the Chefs Dinner on Wednesday at Molly's and I thought Nathan Coulon's suckling pig dish was perfect--makes me sad he can't put it on the Modus menu.

    2. I avoided this thread when it was done last year, as "rotation" seemed to imply such a limited scope. When I was an unmarried college bum, I really had a rotation that was roughly: 1. Cheeseburger and fries at Aztec Center (every day!), 2. Stewart Sandwiches at the Forty-Niner in San Marcos after work, and 3. Denny's for steak and eggs after the bars closed. With your broader definition, though, it seems a little more reasonable. Here are the places where we've eaten more than a few times in the past year:
      La Trattoria (Santee)
      Antica Trattoria (La Mesa)
      The Fishery
      Adams Avenue Grill
      Cafe 11
      La Fogata
      Cafe Chloe
      Oceanaire Seafood Room
      Bud's Louisiana Food Shoppe
      Restaurante Romesco
      China Max
      Jane's Gastropub
      Buon Appetito
      Blue Water Grill
      Anthony's La Mesa
      Plus quite a few work-day lunches at King's Garden in Sorrento Mesa, and Spices on Mira Mesa Blvd.

      If I were to add the "few times a year" places, the list would be *MUCH* longer. We eat out too much.
      . . . jim strain in san diego.

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      1. re: Jim Strain


        where are La Fogata and Michael's ?

        1. re: honkman

          La Fogata is our neighborhood Mexican sit-down joint. It's on El Cajon around 72nd street.

          Michael's Grill is in Santee. It's run by Michael Lou, who has been involved in one way or another with a number of local joints, including IIRC, the Dumpling Inn.

          Both of these places are moderately priced, and IMO, provide great value. Both serve lunch and dinner daily.
          . . . jim strain

      2. in no order, whatsoever:
        Spices Thai
        Le Bambu
        Bertrand at Mister A's
        Cafe Chloe
        Napoleone's Pizza

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        1. re: ibstatguy

          need to add Extraordinary Desserts, Luigi's and given Daantaat's lead:
          Venissimo for cheese
          Mona Lisa for sliced meats

        2. Well, even though I don't get to spend much time in SD, I definitely have a rotation - which makes it hard for me to try new places. Somewhat in order.

          Izakaya Sakura
          Asia Cafe
          Ba Ren
          Latin Chef
          China Max
          Kim Chan
          Liar's Club
          Sammy Sushi
          Mien Trung
          Sam Woo
          Pho Ca Dao
          Song Huong
          The Fishery

          Actually only been to Mien Trung once, but it's on my rotation now.


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            1. re: Ed Dibble

              Well, this thread has already been helpful to me. Thanks to reading Ed's post, I was reminded of the existence of Latin Chef (on Garnet in PB). Had lunch there yesterday -- our first visit. We had appetizers only: Anticuchos with a deliciously piquant green sauce and grilled potatoes; papas huanacaina; a tamal; and a great ceviche de pescado. I think I'll be adding Latin Chef to our lunch rotation. I only wish they had beer and wine. The homemade corn-based drink we had was very tasty (cinnamon and nutmeg flavors), but way too sweet for me. Thanks for the reminder, Ed.
              . . . jim strain in san diego.

              1. re: Ed Dibble

                thx for reminding me that its been several months since I've been to Emerald

              2. Dos Brasas (taco shop on san diego ave couple blocks north of washington)
                City Pizzeria (6th & B)
                Mona Lisa's (for sandwiches)
                It's A Sicilian Thing (new pizza on 30th st couple blocks north of University)
                Brian's (gaslamp)

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                1. re: noahe

                  I have seen "It's A Sicilian Thing" on 30th. Do they have good sicilian pizza (sfincione) ?