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Aug 2, 2007 06:57 PM

Honu Kitchen and Cocktails - NG!!!!!

The Blue Honu in Huntington has reopened as Honu Kitchen and Cocktails. Same owners, redecorated and new menu. What a disappointment!!! It is a "small plate" restaurant and they tell you that each dish is bigger than an appetizer but smaller than an entree. They suggest 2-3 small plates per person. Our party of 4 ordered about 6 dishes to start, with the intention of ordering more later. First, not one of the dishes was bigger than an appetizer portion at a typical restaurant, and most were not very good. The mussels were particularly tasteless. We also had a tomato salad, a pasta that was just okay, asparagus, and short rib stuffed peppers. Those dishes were okay, but not necessarily great for sharing even though the waiter said all were meant to be shared. One thing that was great was the bread. Crusty and delicious.

Anyway, we never ordered any other dishes. Instead we walked over to Little Vincents for a slice. Now that was delicious!

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  1. thats a dissapointment, i really don't get why the place was renovated and changed. It had to been a huge moneymaker when it wa Blue Honu. I enjoyed it the few times I was there. The first two reviews of Honu Kitchen have been bad. Maybe they will close down and renovate back to what it was.

    1. I disagree!!! I think Honus small plates concept is fun and unique. My friends and i really enjoyed the food. The Chef their Paul Mirand cooked at Boule. We had almost everything on the menu. The serivce was professional but not stuffy, and the drinks were great.

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        I agree, I checked this place out a few weeks ago after Newsday's favorable review and concurred that this was a fun upbeat new place.