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Aug 2, 2007 05:46 PM

Soaking onions in ice water?

While browsing Epicurious I came across a recipe that recommended soaking red onion in ice water before adding it to a salad. Has anyone ever heard of this? What effect does this have on the onion?

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  1. it removes the stinging bite of the onions and mellows out the taste. the acids that cause your eyes to burn and give that sharp taste are water soluble.

    or something like that :)

    try it works!

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      Try a five minute soak in hot water first before a dunk in ice water.

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        Definitely works - although I usually chop, put them in a strainer and then soak (that way it is much easier than dumping them all in a bowl and trying to fish them out). Will have to try the hot water and milk methods. Thanks!

      2. I've found that it works. just as eefoodgeek said. taking away the bite, red onions become really delicious, sweet and crunchy. Never tried the hot water/cold water method though.

        1. Is this soaked whole or sliced then soaked?

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          1. I usually soak in water or milk if I'm going to use them raw, either in water or in milk. (Milkd is supposedly better, but I'm not sure I can tell the difference. I think some scientific side-by-side comparison is required)

            There was an older thread on this once:

            1. I usually soak the onion in the acid component of the salad dressing. This works very nicely.