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Great Salads in LA

Here for a week as my son moves to the West Coast. After eating some good food, I am ready for a great salad. Any suggestions? We are in the Hollywood-Westside area.

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  1. I think Toast has great chopped salads, but it's always packed.

    1. My three favorite salads in the city are the heirloom tomato caprese at Capo (not the regular heirloom tomato salad), the artichoke salad at Ago and the grilled romaine at Violet. As for entree salads, Hamasaku used to do a beef tenderloin salad which was great.

      1. There was a long thread on great salads in the LA area a month or so ago. Here's the link for your reference: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/402288

        1. Stanley's in Sherman Oaks.

          1. Doughboys has excellent salads and delish soups, i know its weird to eat soup in a million degree weather.

            I second Stanley's for salads, the Chinese chicken is light and yummy.

            On Ventura in encino is a place called emilio's. it's right next to a benihana, on the south side of the street. my absolute favorite salad ever: fresh roasted turkey chopped italian with lots of roasted peppers and pepperocinis :)

            there's also Mo's in burbank, on riverside, excellent salads :)

            hope this helped a little

            1. Third Stanley's, and adding Cafe Eilat on Burbank and Whitsett. I don't know what it is about that place -- besides the stunningly good baguettes. The service is usually haphazard, you're eating in what's essentially a bakery counter (albeit a nice, tastefully-decorated bakery counter), and the policies change pretty much weekly (for example, whether iced tea is charged for refills -- currently not charged), but the salads are imaginative and really well-prepared, and, well, they come with baguette (except when they don't, in which case you ask, because while the challah rolls are tasty, the baguette is so good I once ate an entire one on the drive back to work).

              The salmon salad I had last week was very good, if too busy (and didn't need the salmon); the fried halloumi salad is astoundingly good; the ni├žoise salad, though deconstructed and splattered across a ridiculously large square plate, was just about perfect; the Mediterranean salad has some of the best roasted eggplant anywhere.

              Given its name and location, it should come as no surprise that Cafe Eilat is closed Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.

              Stanley's Restaurant
              13817 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91423

              Cafe Eilat
              12519 Burbank Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91607

              1. Chinese chicken salad at Double Dutch in Culver City.

                Double Dutch Dinette
                9806 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

                1. 26 beach in the marina del rey area has an assortment of terrific salads.

                  1. The Grill on the Alley in Beverly Hills

                    1. Second Stanley's and Double Dutch.

                      The Dressing Room
                      Tender Greens
                      Feast from the East
                      Whole Foods salad bars, esp Brentwood, Santa Monica, Fairfax, Woodland Hills
                      California Chicken Cafe
                      Don't shoot me but California Pizza Kitchen
                      Ivy's Grilled veggie salad
                      Sisley's Chopped Salad w/ eggplant
                      Eat Well
                      Newsroom Cafe

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                      1. re: Emme

                        I second the Newsroom Cafe. It's a good one for out-of-towners (very "L.A."). I'll also add Cayenne Cafe on Beverly, just west of La Brea.

                        Emme, can you tell me which salads you like at CPK? I haven't found anything I'm happy with so far, and my office often ends up there for birthday lunches.

                        Also, what do you recommend at Eat Well, salad-wise? I've only had breakfast there (which I've always been happy with).

                        Cayenne Cafe
                        7169 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

                        1. re: ITurnedOutTV

                          At CPK, I do the chopped salad w/ turkey (double turkey no salami actually), and I tend to leave out the cheese sometimes. I prefer drssing on the side, and have come to like their Fat Free dressing too or sometimes plain balsamic.

                          The White Balsamic salad that has feta, sundried toms, regular tomatoes, olives (which I leave out) is good with chicken...

                          One of the secrets at CPK is that they have Jamaican Jerk seasoning (due to the fact that they have such a pizza), so you can order a chicken breast to top your salad and request that it be blackened! So much better that way. Same goes for shrimp!

                          Another one of my secrets at CPK is to request that white chicken breast that comes on top of the Oriental Chicken Salad instead of the other chicken they offer. I hate the BBQ chicken that comes on the BBQ Chix Salad, so it's a good sub.

                          To be perfectly honest, I tend to concoct my own salads when there, I'll start with the chopped salad as a base, and add in eggplant, garbanzos (if I'm feeling them), sundried tomatoes, etc. They're very accommodating.

                          I should also point out that for a few dollars (3 now I think) they'll add a tricolore crust to any salad, and damn is that thing good.

                          Also good to know of CPK is that they offer a steamed veggie plate that's not on the menu. I like to order it with blackened shrimp on top.

                          In case you were interested, they'll also sub veggies for pasta in any pasta dish.... also not a salad :)

                          At Newsroom, I like that the greek salad comes with eggplant. The garden salad and chopped salads are good too. Here they are also accomodating, so you can add and subtract as you like!

                          1. re: Emme

                            Wow, you've really got it down! Anyway, your "sub veggies for pasta in any pasta dish" may just save me next time I have to go there!

                            1. re: Emme

                              I love cpk salads too. Especially the tricolore and the one with bacon/blue cheese/jicama and fried onions on top.

                        2. I must add my vote to Emilio's chopped salad in Encino, and to The Ivy's grilled veggie salad.

                          1. I don't salad much, but I've always liked the caesar salad at Bowery. Mmm... anchovies...

                            1. VIOLET...
                              ...for sure.
                              Anything leafy, salad-y, and fresh from VIOLET is as beautiful to look at is it is to eat.
                              MMMmmmm....I must go again soon.
                              Their braised lettuces with cumin croutons and edible flowers...geeepers, so good.

                              1. Are you willing to travel so Pasadena? If yes, 2 suggestions:

                                1) The Calfornia orange salad at Marston's is great.

                                2) The beef salad at Saladang Song is amazing Complex flavors, slight spicy, but very tasty.

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                                1. re: kotatsu

                                  the tofu salad there (or is it at saladang next door?) is also awesome.

                                2. The Farm in Beverly Hills has over a dozen different salads, and I've never been disappointed. Their Cobb, Chopped and BBQ Chicken salads are addicting.

                                  Farm of Beverly Hills
                                  439 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

                                  1. I've posted this before, but since you brought it up again...I absolutely love the Thai Steak Salad at Houston's. It's really more steak than salad, but so yum!

                                    Houston's Restaurant
                                    202 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

                                    1. Another vote for Stanley's. I love the Amy's Grapefruit Salad (butter lettuce, cashews, chicken breast, grapefruit with a sesame dressing).

                                      I also like the BBQ Chopped Salad at CPK. I like it better at the Topanga location than the Encino location though.

                                      1. i am a big fan of the salads at healthy ca foods. here's an article about that very subject: http://la.foodblogging.com/2006/03/01...

                                        1. Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock has some nice ones always in their glass case as you walk in (if you can rip your gaze away from the cupcakes!!)...
                                          like California Chicken Cafe in Woodland Hills too...very good Chinese Chicken salad and combo wrap is always fresh...
                                          I think HealthyCa on Lankershim is about as good as it gets..they are only weekdays til 5, but they tell me dinners are coming soon..with longer hours. Fabulous SW salad..with Apple Cider Vinegar dressing..couldn't be healthier.
                                          Like the combination salad plate with all the middleastern 'hits' at Golan on Victory in N Hollywood.
                                          Lobster salad at Aroma is Studio City is wonderful..nice setting, as well. Lots of veggie options too.


                                          1. I think the Leon's Chopped Salad at La Scala on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills is a great choice. It comes with salami, cheese garbanzos finely chopped, but lots of people get it with turkey instead and you can add other stuff if you like. Also, the Beverly Hills Hotel has great salads both at the Fountain Room (the lunch counter) and in the poolside cafe which has been featured on "Entourage" and always has a hip scene. The Ivy grilled vegetable salad is delish, but you can get the exact same salad for like $10 instead of $27 at Fresh Corn Grill on Westwood Blvd. and Ohio, where the owner is rumored to have worked at the Ivy. Their grilled veg. salad can be topped with chicken, salmon or shrimp and it rocks. I also like the chinese chicken salad at Chin Chin and the cobb salad at The Grill and the Daily Grill. Tender Greens is a place where you chose your own salad stuff and they mix it up in Culver City and I heard about a new place in Venice on Rose where you can customize your own salad called Delizia. Another option could be Clementine, Joan's on Third or Marmalade on Montana in Santa Monica, all offer a 3 salad combo and offer a wide selection of chicken salads, tuna, pasta and vegetable salads.

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                                              1. re: michellemabelle

                                                Thanks for the info on Fresh Corn Grill. I must try that soon!

                                                1. re: brandygirl

                                                  they also have great pizza, pasta and grilled salmon with a choice of sides at Fresh Corn.

                                                2. re: michellemabelle

                                                  i used to order the chopped salad from la scala when the encino location was still open. definately recommended.

                                                3. Urth CAFFE!!!
                                                  I salad it up there at least twice a week.
                                                  Also, M de Chaya, on melrose, they always hit the spot with their salads.

                                                  1. Another favorite salad of mine is Ruth's Chopped Salad at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. I'll often go to their bar just for that salad.

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                                                      Oh the Ruth's Chopped Salad is heavenly! a 1/2 order used to be just $2.95 but they've upped it a little now. Still well worth it.

                                                    2. The Cheesecake Factory has a great Cobb Salad, BLT Salad and Chinese Chicken Salad.

                                                      The French Quarter, Santa Monca Blvd., all salad's are delicious. The BBQ Chicken Salad is one of the best.