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Aug 2, 2007 04:50 PM

Great Salads in LA

Here for a week as my son moves to the West Coast. After eating some good food, I am ready for a great salad. Any suggestions? We are in the Hollywood-Westside area.

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  1. I think Toast has great chopped salads, but it's always packed.

    1. My three favorite salads in the city are the heirloom tomato caprese at Capo (not the regular heirloom tomato salad), the artichoke salad at Ago and the grilled romaine at Violet. As for entree salads, Hamasaku used to do a beef tenderloin salad which was great.

      1. There was a long thread on great salads in the LA area a month or so ago. Here's the link for your reference:

        1. Stanley's in Sherman Oaks.

          1. Doughboys has excellent salads and delish soups, i know its weird to eat soup in a million degree weather.

            I second Stanley's for salads, the Chinese chicken is light and yummy.

            On Ventura in encino is a place called emilio's. it's right next to a benihana, on the south side of the street. my absolute favorite salad ever: fresh roasted turkey chopped italian with lots of roasted peppers and pepperocinis :)

            there's also Mo's in burbank, on riverside, excellent salads :)

            hope this helped a little