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Aug 2, 2007 04:49 PM

Karaoke & food?

hi. i was wondering if anyone knew if somewhere in NYC there was a private tatami room with a karaoke set up in it?
or if there is at least a nice karaoke place, reasonably priced, that serves food & has nice decor?
my friend's birthday is coming up & i think something like that would be perfect! help!

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  1. apple restaurant on waverly has a private room with karaoke. i haven't been there in about 10 years though.

    1. It won't be a private room, but Sushi Hana on the UWS had Karaoke on weekends a while back. Call and make sure they still have it. The space is attractive; I don't love the food (they specialize in "creative" rolls made out of not-very-high-quality fish), but many others seem to. If decor isn't super important to you, there are a number of delicious places in Koreatown you could look into.

      1. I think I remember there being karaoke machines in the private rooms at Congee Village. They're not the networked high-tech machines, but the portable machines, but at least you can get some decent food there. There's a minimum charge for the rooms, so I would check with them.

        Again, I'm not certain about the situation, but there's a karaoke place on W55th street above the East restaurant (next door to Sugiyama). I believe you can order off a limited menu from the kitchen from East. I don't remember if this is the case, but it's worth checking out if you want the high-tech networked machines in a private room.

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          I have been to East. They have karaoke rooms over varying sizes. I went to my husband's office party in their biggest room. We had the entire menu to order off of. I'm not a sushi fan, so I had some katsu and if I recall, some vegetable gyoza. It wasn't fantastic, but it was good enough considering most people go to these things for the entertainment. Everyone else had enormous platters of sushi.

          Service is a bit slow. Waitstaff comes in at long intervals to take orders, serve food, and bring drinks.

          There was no dessert that I could recall.

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            Just to clarify a bit, the karaoke place is called Japas55, and it's not really part of the restaurant, but you can get food order food from the restaurant. So, yes, the service is slow. Also, I don't really recommend this place for food. I'm just mentioning that Japas55 offers food with karaoke boxes. You're experience is about what I expect. One other thing. There's usually a call button you can use to call one of the staff over for orders and problems with the machines.

        2. I went to a party at BINY on Thompson/Houston - totally cheesy, but a decent sized private room, edible sushi etc. and servers that jump when you press the buzzer! The more sake, the better the karaoke..

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            I have to second harrison's suggestion. The room at Biny is by no means posh, but they have a pretty decent-sized selection of Japanese (and I think Chinese) pop and GREAT homemade potato chips. The house sake is pretty nasty, but I think there are higher end options on the menu, too, as well as candy-like cocktails. It's a 30s and under crowd.

          2. Japas38 (and other locations?) has a pretty good party package: $30 per person gets you a sushi platter, a bunch of appetizers like edamame, dumplings, fried chicken pieces, etc, two hours of karaoke, and all you can drink beer or sake. I think you have to have at least four people and you also have to reserve in advance. The food isn't stellar, but it's not bad either. They have a bunch of private rooms.