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Aug 2, 2007 04:46 PM

any recommendations near Beacon Theater - broadway and 74th

open to anything yummy. Price not so important. Thanks.

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    1. Would also add;
      Earthen Oven on 72/Columbus for Indian
      Telepan on 69th (near columbus)
      Grom for gelato! (76th and b'way)

      1. cesca, think it is 74 and columbus.

        1. Hummus Place, Levain Bakery, Bin 71

          1. Big Nicks for great slices and a great scene and for the love of G-d gelato @ Grom!!!

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            1. re: jbyoga

              substitute "greasy" for great @ big Nicks tho if you like grease it's prob great

              cesca is on 75th bet amsterdam & columbus, no?

              cesca & telepan may not be dinners you want to bolt down assuming this is pre-show at the beacon (which these days seems to feature reunion tours of every halfassed rock band that ever existed oops wrong board)

              I'd go for fairway cafe (like an enlightened diner food-wise, no atmosphere) or the noisy but serviceable citrus at amsterdam & 75th for sushi/amerikan/"mexican"

              grom is good gelato if you don't mind waiting in line to pay $5 for a thimble-sized scoop, they should call their servings "nickels & dimes" like oldschool dealers.