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Aug 2, 2007 04:31 PM

Yakima: Fine Dining?

Hey Chowhounds, are there some Chow-worthy destinations in Yakima? You're help is appreciated.

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  1. We love the Waffle Cafe for breakfast. Haven't eaten other meals there.

    1. I have never understood the places people have recommended for Yakima on this board, they are usually terrible.

      I grew up in Yakima. There are three good restaurants: Birchfield Manor (which is actually in Moxee), Gasparetti's and Cafe Melange. Unfortunately the only decent French restaurant was sold awhile ago. I would say go to Birchfield is you want a good meal and get the salmon in puffed pastry. I have had in many many times and it is always good.

      1. The Waffle Cafe is not exactly what I'd call "fine dining"...

        I grew up in Yakima and go back fairly regularly. Cafe Melange is my absolute favorite. Their crostini, goat chese, and roasted garlic appetizer is amazing. I also love their pastas. I wanted to eat there last time I was home, but unfortunately it's closed on Sunday.

        Birchfield is also a pleasant experience with impeccable service. My only problem I have with it is that, last time I was there, the food was horribly over-salted.

        I've been to both Gasperettis and The Greystone, but not recently. Both restaurants were excellent last time I was there though.