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Jan 11, 2006 06:08 PM

Strong opinions about Pearl?

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I made a reservation, as it's one of the few places in the area that I haven't been. Good food? Any favorites? Worth going?

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  1. It was decent. Not cheap. Good oysters, poke. Wine list not so great, they have Trumer Pils, which is awesome and fresh tasting. I did not like the fact that they had a large screen TV playing Napoleon Dynamite the entire time we were eating there. That might work in a bar, but I thought it was tacky for an eating place. I guess it was someone's idea of "hip". Have not been back. Its nice that you can reserve on the web.

    1. I have been twice and found that it definately delivers in terms of fresh seafood. It feels like a SF restaurant as opposed to a East Bay place( modern/trendy, small plates, noisy, deceptively expensive, etc.) Definately try the Ahi Poke and the oysters. Avoid the crab cakes-too much filler.

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        Robert Lauriston

        You mean Pearl Oyster Bar in Oakland rather than Pearl in Napa, right?

        Not my kind of place. Polar opposite of Pizzaiolo. OK place for a drink.

        1. I enjoy Pearl and highly recommend two dishes that have been on the menu for awhile: tartare trio (usually halibut, salmon, and some type of tuna) and the black cod. The Asian greens salad was also excellent. A word of advice: If you decide to share dishes (and the menu is designed for this), you don't need that many dishes. For two people with good appetites, I've found three smaller plates and the larger black cod to be quite ample. One time, when the server suggested more, we had far too much food.

          1. Although the fish was fresh, the dishes were unimpressive. The one dish we felt was an exception to this, was, of all things, a cheese plate. This restaurant was overpriced, and the service was not on par with the prices. Although the restaurant was nearly empty, we were seated very close to another table so that we could not help but overhear their entire conversation. The poke was good, but we have yet to try a terrible poke anywhere. We will try it once more to see if we got it on an off night.